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Shell Baby Shell Keeper

By By Kathy Ross, Studio One Networks

"My son Nathan (5) has a bag of shells he collected on his last beach trip. He was thrilled to finally put his shell collection to some use!" said craft tester Liz Price. Before you begin this project, you will need to find just the right size container for collection. Disposable plastic is a good choice, not only because it is unbreakable, but also because it comes in a variety of sizes from mini to jumbo. Keep in mind: If you don't make it to the beach, you can ask for clamshells at a seafood store or restaurant. Shells should always be thoroughly rinsed before using in any craft project.

What You Need:

  • A container for your shells
  • A scallop shell (or other large shell)
  • A small rock to fit inside the shell
  • Poster paint in the skin tone of your choice
  • Paintbrush
  • Yarn bits for hair
  • Two "wiggle" eyes
  • Craft bead or small pom-pom
  • Thin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper to work on

What To Do:

  1. Paint the rock for the face of the shell baby and let it dry.
  2. Glue the rock in the shell with the wide top part of the shell surrounding the rock to look like a bonnet.
  3. Glue some yarn bits to the top part of the rock for hair.
  4. Glue the two wiggle eyes to the rock below the hair.
  5. Glue the pom-pom or craft bead below the eyes for a nose.
  6. Feel free to add a mouth with a marker, yarn strip, or any other creative way you might think of.
  7. Tie a piece of ribbon in a bow and glue the bow to the bottom of the rock face to look like the tie of the shell bonnet.
  8. When the glue on the shell baby has dried, glue it to the side of the container you have chosen. You may need to secure the shell baby with masking tape until the glue has dried.
  9. Fill the decorated container with shells. Keep displayed year-round to remind you of the fun of summer, or give away to a friend or family member who may enjoy some signs of warmth this winter!

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