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Traveler's Tipping Guide

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You've planned and budgeted for your trip... figuring in everything from the airfare to the hotel to the rental car... but it's always hard to estimate what you're going to dole out in tips. 

How much should you tip anyway? We all know that waiters and waitresses get 15-20% ( click here for a printable tipping table), but, what about all the other people who help you on your trip... taxi drivers, bellmen, the concierge?

While everybody has their own criteria and there are no hard, fast rules... there are guidelines that can help you determine the appropriate tips for all those people who make your vacation just a little better.

*The tipping suggestions below are for within the United States only, tipping policies differ immensely in different countries. When travelling abroad, ask your hotel's concierge what general tipping behavior is.

Getting Around

Taxi Driver 15% or $1-2, whichever is higher
Luggage Handler at airport $1/bag
Curb side check-in $1/bag
Valet attendant $1-2 when the car is returned

At Your Hotel

Bellman $1/bag
Housekeeper $1-2/day (leave on dresser)
Concierge Anywhere from $5-25
Room Service 10-15% (if not included in check)
Doorman hailing taxi $1-2

At a Restaurant
Waiter/Waitress 15-20% (for parties of 8 or more, be sure to check the bill to see if gratuity is already included)
Bartender 10-15%
Coatroom attendant $1/coat

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