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9 Fun Hot Tub Party Ideas for Your Housewarming


Hot Tub Party

Did you recently move to a new place and hope to celebrate this fresh start surrounded by friends and family?

A housewarming party is a perfect opportunity to share the joy of a new home with your closest loved ones and to show off all the perks that made you choose it.

As with all parties, a housewarming get-together should be well planned, as it takes a careful balance of the right people and the right atmosphere to ensure its success.

However, you might be wondering what a housewarming party is. As well, you may want to think about how you can make it uniquely yours for your guests to always remember.

Read on to learn the answer to these questions, as well as nine hot tub party ideas for a successful and memorable housewarming.

What Is a Housewarming Party?

There are many different origins of the housewarming party, and traditions around its existence vary from place to place.

In many places in Europe, it is a time to gather friends and family in a new home to ward of evil spirits, as well as promote good luck.

Even the name “house warming” refers to the literal fires that were once lit by loved ones in a new home, as a cold and dark home was not conducive to life.

A few practices you may be familiar with include lighting a candle on the first night in a new place, as well as cooking a meal with others.

Regardless of what you believe is the best way to make the home your own, including those you care about in the process through a housewarming party, allows you to celebrate the new beginning.

Spice It Up with a Hot Tub

Now that you know the origin of the housewarming party, you can begin to think about ways to make your stand out.

A hot tub is a perfect option, especially if you have always dreamed of adding one to your home. From the freezing winter days to the cool summer nights, a hot tub is a great long term investment for your health and well being.

Moreover, it can make a normal housewarming party exciting and different, and leave your guests raving about its relaxing qualities.

If you are interested in purchasing the perfect spa for your housewarming party and beyond, consider learning more about hot tubs and options.

The Top Nine Hot Tub Party Ideas

Ready to plan the hot tub party of your dreams? It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience to impress your guests.

Here are nine hot tub party ideas that are sure you leave a lasting impression on those you care about.

1. Choose Hot Tub Friendly Food

Finger foods are generally your best option for a hot tub party, as they are less likely to end up in your spa.

Warm water can have an appetite suppressing effect on those soaking in it, so picking a few light appetizers is generally the best option.

A vegetable tray of bite-sized carrots, celery, tomatoes, and broccoli is perfect for housewarming guests, alongside hummus and other dipping options.

2. Make Sure the Spa is Spotless

Though it is likely obvious, in planning your housewarming hot tub party, it is very important to thoroughly clean it before people begin to arrive.

Try to go the extra mile in scrubbing all surfaces, cupholders, and jets. You can also consider getting the hot tub professionally cleaned prior to the event.

3. Play the Right Music

Music is essential to almost any great party, and a hot tub party is no different. Try to pick upbeat songs that don’t distract from thoughtful conversations, but also allow guests to enjoy positive beats as they soak.

Consider making a playlist in advance full of your guest’s favorite songs, or cater to the theme of your choice.

4. Plan Around a Theme

The theme of your party does not have to be hot tub centric, as this is simply an enhancement to any theme.

Some ideas for housewarming themes could include a specific region or country, with food and music-specific to that place.

Another option could be holiday-themed, depending on the time of year you relocate. While Summer is the perfect time for a BBQ-themed party, Winter tends to be ideal for a Christmas housewarming get-together.

5. Know Housewarming Party Etiquette

Though you may be tempted to register your dream gifts at your favorite store, this usually breaks housewarming party etiquette as it can give the wrong impression.

The last thing you’d want is your guests to think the party is a way for you to receive gifts, and sending out a registry tends to bring that to their mind.

Therefore, while having a gift table at the party, or letting those who ask know what you’d like is perfectly acceptable, it is best to avoid the long wishlist.

6. Provide Plenty of Beverages

For most people, the drinks of choice would be wine, cocktails, or beer, but it is important to provide nonalcoholic drinks as well.

This gives guests the option to drink alcohol or not, as well as encourages them to remain well-hydrated. Hot water can increase the effect of alcohol, so plenty of water is a must.

7. Have Some Hot Tub Games

Make sure you include hot tub friendly games in your party planning. Waterproof card games, water guns, and guessing games can all give your guests something fun to do.

8. Decorate the Area

Don’t be afraid to decorate the hot tub and the area around it! Decorations can help guests enjoy the party more, as well as provide a fun conversation starter.

9. Give Guests Other Options

While hot tubbing is a great pastime, your guests will likely want to rotate between different activities. Moreover, it may be necessary to take turns in the hot tub due to space constraints.

Try to plan for some non-hot-tub options such as other board games or yard games. A water balloon fight can also be fun in the summer months.

Rock Your Housewarming Party with a Hot Tub

Overall, a hot tub can be a wonderful addition to your housewarming party. It not only makes the get together uniquely yours, but it also allows guests to get the most out of the experience.

A hot tub is also a great long-term investment for your physical and mental health well beyond the housewarming party.

Ready to make your new home yours? Find the perfect spa to put these hot tub party ideas into action!

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