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Game, Set, Match: 7 Tennis Tips That Will Improve Your Performance


Tennis Tips

Let’s be honest, you probably won’t be the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams. To reach that level your childhood would have been consumed with tennis lessons and youth camps. Family vacations meant attending the top pro tournaments around the country.

The great thing about tennis is that it is a great sport to participate in whether recreationally or competitively. Many business relationships are solidified over sets of tennis while new friendships are formed.

If you are new to tennis or picking up a racket after a long hiatus a few tennis tips can get you on your way to engaging in the sport. Learning how to get better at tennis is about repetition and consistency.

Do you love tennis and want to spend more time on the courts playing instead of watching? Keep reading for seven tips on how to get good at tennis.

1. Set a Practice Schedule and Stick to It

There is little you can do to practice tennis at home. You can watch tennis videos or invest in an interactive tennis simulator game. Neither will give you the full experience of hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racket.

To practice tennis swings and movements on your own, you’ll need a backboard to his against. To prevent hitting the ball into the street or a neighbor’s yard, the board needs to be about 10 to 15 feet high. It is also recommended you are in an enclosed space.

Add to it, tennis is played on different surfaces including clay, hard, and grass courts. The grass is not the same turf in your yard.

With that being said, you will need to find real courts to practice on. Plus, hitting against a backboard isn’t enough to improve your skills. Practicing with other people of equal or greater talent is important to improve your tennis skills.

If you can get to the court at least three times a week and play a few games as a part of your practice, expect to see your game improve faster.

2. Find a Coach Who Can Provide Good Tennis Tips

If your budget will allow, consider hiring a tennis coach. A few hour-long sessions a week is good for an amateur player. Sometimes local parks run by local municipalities offer free tennis lessons for small groups.

Check their parks and recreation website to see what is offered in your community. If nothing is available, see if you can pull together a few people and negotiate a group rate with a local coach.

Even if you can’t get full tennis sessions, the tennis tips they will provide can be useful in your overall game.

3. Get the Right Tennis Gear

It’s important to have the proper tennis gear to get the most out of your game. This includes clothing, shoes, and equipment.

Appropriate Clothing

Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of movement, which means you will also sweat a lot. You will want apparel made of dri-fit fabric that can absorb the moisture. You also want to wear loose-fitting apparel for men and stretch fabrics in women’s clothing.

Best Tennis Shoes

A lot of people refer to all athletic footwear as tennis shoes. Like football has cleats, runners have running shoes, and tennis has shoes designed for playing tennis.

When you go to a sporting goods store, let the salesperson know you want shoes for tennis. Also, let them know what type of surface you will be playing on.

Tennis Rackets

Your tennis racket has to provide a comfortable fit. This includes weight, length, and grip size. Amateur plays become frustrated with their game when they can’t master their serve or a certain stroke. Often it is because they are playing with the wrong type of racket.

4. Visit a Pro Shop to Get the Right Tension on Your Racket Strings

Once you have selected the perfect racket for your game, learn the right racket string tension for your style of play. String tension can impact your level of play. Certain strokes require tighter tension than others.

Playing with loose strings can limit the amount of spin on your shots and send balls flying in every direction. Serves can also be difficult to get pace on when stringing tension is off.

Tennis tips on correct racket string tensions are something most players learn in beginner’s tennis.

5. Choose a Tennis Center with People Looking for Hitting Partners

Every community as at least one tennis center that is open to the public. There you can use courts for a minimal fee. Sometimes the courts are free and on a first-come-first-served basis. You can also partake in a group tennis class including cardio tennis.

Public courts are a good place to meet other people interested in playing tennis. People show up at the courts and wait for other players to get in a game or two. You can make connections and schedule times to hit with others.

6. Enter Local Tournaments to Test Your Skills

Local tennis tournaments are a good way to test your skills. At the adult level, tournaments are based on skill abilities. This way the matches are more competitive and players can avoid being humiliated by more experienced players.

You will test your tennis skills and what you have learned in your private lessons.

7. Use Your Competitive Match Play to Improve Your Game

Playing in competitive matches is a good way to monitor your progress. Have a friend to attend matches and write down your stats. Afterward, take a look and decide which areas to work on before your next tournament.

Tennis is a mental game and your hardest opponent is yourself.

Game! Set! Match!

Utilizing these tennis tips won’t replace a good coach or match play, but these tips can help motivate you to get back on the court. Tennis isn’t just fun to play, it is good exercise and a way to meet new people.

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