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Tech Industry Trends: How Will Things Be Changing in 2020?


Tech Industry

There’s no doubt that the technological landscape is always one of the most exciting industries to look at. Ever since the dotcom boom, the nature of the world wide web has allowed such an extent of technological advancements that the world has never before seen.

The tech landscape is always changing — it’s hard to keep up with all of the tech industry trends. In this article, we’ve shortlisted a few of the most important ones for you to keep in touch with as we leave this decade.

A Massive Increase in IT Jobs

The first and most obvious industry trend is an increase in IT jobs. Conservative estimates peg information technology positions to increase by 22% in the year 2020 alone.

The results of this trend are fairly obvious. The spike in jobs will see a consequential spike in young adults choose information technology as a career path. After all, all of the IT jobs that open up will need to be filled, and these positions will require managers as well. So those who are in the industry right now will move up as more and more entry-level candidates come in.

This will also result in a bigger focus of IT-related majors in higher education institutions in order to keep up with the demand for the position. Expect to see more and more IT-oriented trade schools spring up, as well as an increase in government funding for state schools with high caliber IT degrees.

Focus on Innovation

As the technological landscape continues to update and improve, there’s always been a focus on innovation. The very nature of technology demands innovation in order to make it more effective and relevant in our daily lives.

Innovation is incentivized in a number of ways. The government, for instance, gives tax breaks to corporate companies that find new ways to use technology to reduce their environmentally-damaging footprint.

Another way to incentivize innovation is with awards. This post details the winners and finalists for the 2019 Governors’ Celebration of Innovation award — expect to see more such competitions and media coverage spring up in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence Becomes King

Last but not least, expect artificial intelligence to become king. AI already has a massive presence in technology today. It’s relevant in every scenario from marketing automation to improving manufacturing processes.

No, SKYNET is still unlikely. But that doesn’t mean that a lot of manual labor jobs will be made redundant by advanced technology.

Something that goes hand in hand with AI is big data. In order for machine learning to occur, copious amounts of data must be analyzed and assessed to form predictive behaviors. Expect big data to become even more of a buzzword in 2020.

Tech Industry Trends You Should Know

There you have it — these are a few of the tech industry trends that you need to know as we prepare to leave this decade and enter an even more vibrant technological landscape.

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