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Time for an Upgrade! What to Look for When Buying a Television Online


Buying Television

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but you can always good online promotional sales for the latest television sets.

If you’re ready to upgrade your television set, make sure you find the best value for your money.

But what does that look like? What are the features you must have? Just as importantly, what can you do without?

We’ve put together this guide to buying a television set online to help answer those questions and more. Keep reading to discover the must-have features and how to get the best deal on a new television.

Determine Your Budget

Good news. Television prices have plummeted in the last five years. In fact, you could get a top grade 50-inch, 4K smart TV with all the best features for around a thousand dollars.

Of course, you don’t have to spend that much to purchase a high-quality television. But the more you spend, the more features and bigger screen sizes you can get.

Choose Your Monitor Size

In 2020, viewers have come to expect a bigger screen size. We want the experience of going to a movie theater or football game in our own living rooms.

Figure out where your new set will go in your house and then choose the biggest screen size that can fit there, and also your budget. Most experts are advising a screen size between 55 and 65 inches for the average living room and between 42 and 55 inches for a master bedroom.

You may be resistant to get a larger television, perhaps even recalling the bulky black boxes that preceded today’s sets. These days, you can find an elegant monitor which blends in with the rest of your interior design. Take, for instance, the Samsung Frame TVs, which displays amazing works of art when the television is turned off.

What’s more, when you get a large wall-mount television, you don’t need to purchase a huge piece of furniture to support it. You just need a mounting kit and a detailed tv mounting guide.

Choose Your Resolution (Not Much of a Choice Really)

As you search for television sets online, you’ll see a few different options, uwuqlly 8K, 4K and HD. In our opinion, there’s not much of a decision to make here. Go with 4k, and sleep well at night in your decision.

Consider this: For years, 1920 x 1080 resolution, also known as full HD, was the gold standard. It shouldn’t be surprising then, that this resolution is still the most used resolution in television monitors worldwide. However, recent years have seen manufacturers rapidly redirecting focus to Ultra HD sets, more commonly known as 4k.

The biggest reason we’re so bullish on 4k resolution is that it contains four times the number of pixels as other new HDTV screens. If you’re into specs, that resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels across 2,160 horizontal lines. That’s over 8 million pixels!

You’ll notice the resolution difference when viewing small objects on a small screen. You’ll find much more detail in smaller items. Text, for instance, is flawlessly sharp, and really stands out on stock tickers, sports scores, movie credits and more.

Another reason 4k is a no brainer is that studios and other content providers are gearing up to release most programs in 4k. That means your 4k set will already be equipped to handle all this new content. What’s more, television stations around the country are projected to broadcast in 4k in 2020.

So what about 8k? If 4k is so much better than current HD models, wouldn’t 8k be twice as good? While it’s true 8k resolution is the cream-of-the-crop, it’s still very new, and quite expensive. Factor in that few programs are available in 8k, and you’ll find it’s just not the time for 8k… yet!

While we strongly recommend 4k sets, there are a few exceptions where HDTV or 8k makes sense. A 1080p resolution still provides a beautiful picture and could be perfect for a smaller set in the kitchen, garage or spare bedroom. And 8k may be for you if you’re a tech-head, and don’t mind shelling out the extra bucks to get the very best.

Opt for HDR Capability for the Most Colors

High dynamic range, or HDR, is a new feature with most 4k sets that produce more color and contrast than standard 4k or HDTV monitors. In the past, some colors were just too unique and the existing technology could not accurately replicate them, providing a substitute color instead. With HDR, which is essentially a 4k Ultra TV upgrade, you’re seeing the exact colors as they appear in real-life.

Smart or Dumb Streaming?

Don’t spend too much time worrying about whether or not to get a smart TV. The truth is, most sets currently on the market are smart TVs, which allow you to cut your cord and cancel your cable or satellite service. Smart TVs come with streaming apps already installed so you can easily watch Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu.

You can even watch your own home videos or listen to music straight from your phone or computer.

Even if your television isn’t a smart TV, you can easily buy an external device such as an Amazon Firestick or Roku TV for the same features.

Don’t Worry About These Features

While picture resolution has advanced significantly over the years, audio quality has actually diminished. Frankly, the speakers in most current televisions are garbage. They offer little-to-no dynamic range, so they either sound muffled or “tinny.” For that reason, forget the audio specs and purchase an inexpensive soundbar (or splurge for full surround-sound speaker set).

Contrast rate is another specification to ignore, which sounds absurd when you consider that contrast and color are probably the two most important components of a good picture.

But the reality is that contrast ratio, which pertains to the brightness levels available on a set, is a controversial subject in recent years. In short, there are no uniform standards in the way manufacturers measure contrast ratios. As such, the results vary widely and are generally inaccurate. This specification is now essentially considered useless.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Television Online

Buying a television online comes down to a few key considerations, namely your budget, television size, resolution and whether or not to opt for HDR. Make a list of what you want in your next television that falls within your budget. The good news is, you won’t have to deal with a salesperson trying to impress you with useless specs and jargon. When you know what you want, you just need to go online and purchase it. Easy peasy, right?

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