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The Top Sites For Finding Reliable Torrents In 2019


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Torrents are the best way to download larger files, from videos to computer programs and more. But finding reliable torrents and torrent sites can be a struggle. Top sites like The Pirate Bay are constantly being shut down over copyright and privacy issues, making it hard to get your hands on the torrents you love at times.

If you’re looking for reliable torrents in 2019, don’t give up the search. Here are some of the most reliable torrent sites today.


Pronounced leet-ex, this torrent site is touted by many as the best on the web today. Its layout is miles ahead of a site like Pirate Bay, complete with a library view featuring movie and tv show posters of available torrents right on the homepage. This is helpful if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking to download and want a way to flip through your options.

The site has a variety of categories, including movies, TV, games, music, and applications. It’s got all the staples of any regular torrent site, showing you seeds and leechers, file size, date of upload, and even how many people have downloaded a given file. The site also allows for direct downloads and magnet downloads depending on your preference.

With its easy navigability, great layout, and a lot of available torrents, it’s no wonder 1337x has risen so far in the torrent game. It offers a great alternative when the most popular torrent sites are down, and may even become your new number one!


RARBG offers one of the best alternatives to Pirate Bay. It’s a well-organized site with a hefty selection of torrents, and some nice features you won’t find on the average torrent site.

When you click on a torrent you’ll be met with a very detailed page about the file, including screenshots, a link to a trailer (for movies and TV shows), IMDB page, and even related downloads. The details go even deeper than that, with runtime, IMDB rating, and even a plot summary given on many torrents.

The site isn’t as pretty as 1337x, but it’s just as functional. If you’ve got something in mind, you’ll probably find it here.


TORLOCK is a very simple torrent site. The homepage shows a list of the top torrents right now, with the option to switch this over to the most recent torrents. Most of these are movie and TV collections, but the site is also great for ebook and anime downloads.

What the site lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in speed and simplicity. If you know what you’re looking for and want to get in and get out, TORLOCK is perfect for you. It has a dedicated user base and the torrents have a lot of seeders and leechers.

There’s also a ‘fresh’ section on the site that shows off new and popular downloads. If you’re an anime fan or someone who just wants a quick download, give it a shot.


RuTracker has been around for a long time, and it shows. The site has a huge userbase and a lot of torrents. It includes a forum for sharing and requesting files, how-to guides that’ll introduce you to torrenting and using the site, and recommendations on torrent clients to use.

Some files require an account to download, but the site is easy to sign up for and free. The only downside of the site is that it’s in Russian, so you’ll need to translate it through Google Chrome or another translation tool. The site also isn’t the most organized and can be a bit intimidating for new users.

If you’re looking for a file that you can’t find elsewhere, though, chances are RuTracker has it. If you’re willing to put in the extra effort, you won’t be disappointed with this site.


Torrentz was a website that allowed you to search through a huge cache of torrent sites for the file you wanted before it was shut down in 2016. Torrentz2 is the sequel to that site.

The site is incredibly simple, comprised of essentially just a search bar. Look up what you want and you’ll get a list of torrents, their age, size, and the number of seeds and peers available. Clicking on one of these torrents brings you to a list of websites hosting the file, allowing you to easily click over to it and start your download.

Torrentz2 is extremely helpful if you don’t have a dedicated site you use, or can’t find a specific file, and want to do a broad search. It’s like the Google of torrents and is praised by audiophiles and cinephiles alike for being able to find almost even obscure files. Torrentz2 may not be a torrent site itself, but it’s unmatched as a directory.


With a name that calls back to the glory days of Limewire, you may not expect much of limetorrents. But the site has proven to be a great alternative with plenty of recent and older torrents and a slick, easy-to-navigate layout.

There are a lot of different organizational options and ways to browse the torrents on the site. It has movies, music, shows and anime, and the layout will probably remind you of Pirate Bay. If you’re familiar with that site, it makes limetorrents a great choice for when Pirate Bay or your favorite torrent site is down.

Each torrent not only has seeders and leechers listed but a “health” bar that shows the likelihood that your torrent will actually download and work. If you’re not really familiar with how seeds and peers work, this is an easy way to see if you’re getting a good download. The site also has magnet links as well as direct downloads, which is always a plus.


If you’re looking for movies, look no further than YTS. The site only offers film torrents, and because of that offers up a huge selection of torrents, most of which have a lot of seeds.

YTS has an unmatched look, showing all the films available in a great library-like view featuring big, high-quality posters as you scroll down. Each download shows the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes score, a plot synopsis, and a list of the cast and director of the film. You’ve also got film length listed, whether or not the torrent comes with subtitles, and a choice of quality.

You’ve also got a selection of IMDB reviews at the bottom of each torrent laid out in an easy-to-read way with a star rating of 1 to 10. Below that is user comments, where you’ll find more reviews from users of the site. The users at YTS are film buffs and it shows, so if you fit into that category you won’t be disappointed.

Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly, the site’s layout and depth of information will help you find a new movie that’s right up your alley.


If you’re more of a TV person, try out EZTV. This site features only TV show downloads, and has a lot of stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the most helpful features of EZTV is its calendar, which shows you what shows air on what days and when you should expect them to be uploaded to the site. It has a forum for discussion of TV, and the ability to sort the torrents by quality, popularity, and more.

EZTV also has a ‘show list’ section which alphabetically lists every show they have available, and even tells you the current status of the show, letting you know if it’s ended, canceled, currently airing, or between seasons. When you click on one of these shows you’ll be greeted with a detailed page featuring ratings, runtime, a cast list, a full list of every episode available, and links to download each episode. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

EZTV is a feature-rich website and the absolute best choice for TV buffs. It may not be the prettiest site, but its content and features more than make up for it. You’ll find all the old and new TV shows you could ever want in the EZTV archives.

The Struggle to Find Reliable Torrents Is Over

There are more sites out there than The Pirate Bay, so don’t feel restricted ever again when it inevitably goes down. Try out one of the sites listed above and you’ll be sure to find a new favorite source of reliable torrents.

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