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Your Guide to Funeral Preparation


Funeral Preparation

Not many people realize how much work it takes to die. There are several funeral preparation steps that family members need to take, and that doesn’t even include the costs associated with them. Dying takes work, money, and time so that the person who passes away can be laid to rest.

And if you recently lost a loved one, you may not be in a state of mind to handle all the work that goes into it. It can seem like there are too many people to talk to about what to do next, and it’s easy for the stress to make everything seem hopeless. Nothing is simple in death, but it’s something everyone goes through.

It helps to have a deeper understanding of how to prepare a funeral. And to learn more about how to make a funeral that your loved one would want, keep reading below.

Funeral Preparation Takes Time and Effort

The dead get to rest, but the living can’t. When someone dies, their family and friends must come together to build a shared memory about the person. That’s all wakes, funerals, and burials are meant to be; they’re supposed to bring people together over the person they all loved.

Most of the time, you can’t make a funeral that the dead would want just by following their will. For example, they may write that they want a cremation to make the funeral cheaper, quicker, or due to personal and spiritual reasons. It’s easy to learn more about what they want by researching it online.

You’ll likely find funeral homes who will walk you through each step of the funeral preparation process. You may also find people who went through it themselves. They’ll be able to help you through each step, but they can also help you grieve the dead too.

The Dead Look the Same as the Living

It’s important to realize that, most of the time, you’ll end up seeing your loved one in a casket. They’ll look exactly like they did in life, and it can be hard to believe that they really did pass away. It can make you wonder where the line really is between life and death.

Funerals are meant to draw this line; they’re supposed to establish where life begins and ends. People should leave with an understanding that their loved one became a memory.

It’s a big job for anyone, but it’s something you need to do. Make sure that your loved one is presented in the way they would want. And as their loved one, you’re the one to decide that.

They may want to lay in a casket, or they may want their life celebrated instead of grieved. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something they would want and they look like they did in life. Seeing them should remind you of all the good times you shared, not of all the ones you’ll never get again.

Don’t Make Funerals Fun — Respect the Dead

The most important thing about funeral preparation is that you must respect the dead. Some people want their funerals to be fun, and they will write that in their wills. Yet, some want to be respected in death.

And you should respect their wishes. Don’t try to make a funeral fun just because you don’t want to grieve them. If your loved one wanted to be respected and if they wanted you to grieve them, then that’s what you owe them.

And grieving a loved one is a complicated process. For tips on how to grieve and what to expect after someone dies, keep reading here.

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