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Going to Bed Angry: When Is It Fine and When Is It a Problem?


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On average, American couples argue around 19 times a month.

Not all couples are the same, and your relationship may have a lower number or a higher number.

Learning how to argue can be beneficial to your relationship and help solve problems, no matter how many times you argue a month.

Continue reading to discover some of the benefits of going to bed angry. Along with when you should seek professional help for your relationship.

1. You Can Argue Effectively with a Rested Mind

One of the biggest benefits of going to bed angry is that you can wake up and have a productive argument, rather than an emotional one.

When people get tired, they are more likely to be emotional. Tired arguments are a recipe for disaster and often don’t go over very well. Negative emotions often come up and escalate quickly when someone is exhausted.

If you or your partner is tired, it may be best to hold the conversation off until the next day so that you can both think clearly.

Many tired people get frustrated and angry over small things that normally wouldn’t bother them. Telling your partner that you are too tired may not be easy, but it will help prevent the issue from becoming larger.

2. You Started a New Diet

If you and your partner recently started a new diet or habit, you may want to roll over and sleep instead of arguing.

Many people have experienced negative and angry emotions at times of hunger, and this is true, even at night time. Fasting and restricted diets can be difficult to adapt to and result in a lower tolerance.

Going to bed hangry is not fun and can make your argument worse.

When the body is stressed it interferes with the way you process information and emotions.

3. Emotions Are High

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out can all affect your relationship.

If you are feeling overly emotional and can’t control your feelings, you may want to hold off on talking about an argument. Arguments often require tough talks that aren’t easy. Feeling stressed can lead you or your partner to say something you may regret in the morning.

Try to solve the issue when you are both levelheaded and willing you listen to each other and hear the other side.

When Going to Bed Angry Isn’t Healthy

Although there are benefits of going to bed angry, it is not always helpful in a relationship.

Our memories and information are stored overnight while we rest. If you and your partner go to bed angry or upset, you may influence the way you store information. This could also change the way that you feel and could harm your mood.

Another reason going to bed angry is harmful is because when you sleep, your associations and thoughts get stored in long-term memory. Long-term memories are difficult to forget. Small disagreements before bed can result in large damage and make you more likely to remember the negative events.

Some people shouldn’t go to bed angry because they end up getting a terrible night’s sleep. Unresolved issues can leave people lying awake all night, preventing them from getting any sleep.

If you feel that you are in a verbally or physically abusive relationship, or could be headed down that path, you may want to try marriage counceling with your partner.

How to Fight in a Beneficial Way

Arguing and going to bed angry isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing. If you and your significant other can learn how to fight fairly, you can solve issues and be more productive in your relationship.

Arguing should be done respectfully. It shouldn’t involve name-calling, physical harm, or abusive words. You should both agree on a time and place to calmly discuss the issue and resolve it.

Both of you should have gotten a good night’s rest, be fed, and have an open mind before trying to work things out. It is important to listen to and not interrupt during this process.

Remember to always be kind. Words you say can be forgiven but they can’t be taken back.

How to Fall Asleep with Unresolved Issues

Some of us can sleep with no problem, even when an argument is still going on. However, not all people can get rest with an issue on their mind.

If you find yourself in a place of not being able to fall asleep, but also being too tired to argue, you should follow these tips.

Meditating for a half hour before bed can be calming and help you work through the issue and your problem sleeping. Calming activities like reading or taking a bath can also help calm you down and put you in a better state of mind.

Having a small snack, such as fruit, before bed can also help you sleep better if you are hungry. Avoid having sugary snacks, as they can interfere with your rest.

Wake up Wrapped in Each Other’s Arms

Sometimes it is okay to argue.

Going to bed angry isn’t always a bad thing and can even help resolve issues.

If you or your partner is feeling hangry or tired, you may want to grab the covers and resolve the issue in the morning. Hunger and tiredness can worsen negative emotions and escalate your argument.

Always remember to listen to each other and avoid abusive talking with one another. This can be harmful to your relationship and shows a lack of love and respect.

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