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Guide to Insurance for Modified Cars in the UK


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Car insurance seems like it is always too costly and too complicated, but if you are looking to get into car modifications you should know it can much more expensive and dynamic. Like anything that concerns insurance, it is possible to take down the costs if you understand how they are determined and what they are comprised of.

Even if you don’t think you need insurance and can pay for the costs of repairing a car with modifications, you are probably wrong about that. Not only is car insurance essential, it will be a lot less expensive in the long-run if you know what you are doing. Here are some tips to help you decrease your premiums and enjoy the pleasure of modifying your car without the hassle of unreasonable insurance prices. Can you image the insurance cost on this 1970 Chevy Chevelle

Why you Need Specialized Car Insurance for Modified Vehicles

When someone makes changes to their vehicle that are not a part of the factory specifications, it is considered a modified car. It doesn’t matter whether it is to improve the performance of the car, the cosmetic look of it, or if it is adapted to meet the needs of someone who is disabled—all are considered modifications and all require special insurance.

According to the people at the site Money Pug, which is a platform used to find cheap car insurance, the reason you need specialized insurance for modified vehicles is not just because it is required, it is because few insurers will provide a regular policy for cars with mods. Insurance companies calculate premiums using a complex system of algorithms that determine risks. Modified vehicles require more costs should there be a claim and therefore require insurance policies that others don’t need. Vehicles that are modified also carry additional risks in regards to the possibility of the car being stolen and are tougher to work on when they need maintenance.

Making it Count

Whether your insurance will be very expensive or slightly increased by your modifications, it very wise to talk thoroughly to your insurance provider and be as honest as possible. There is no use hiding your modifications. Doing so could invalidate your policy and get you into some big trouble. Consult the provider before you make any modifications to the vehicle.

You may think you can pay for the costs that your modified vehicle, but this is not the likely case. Even if you can afford it, the expense will be so much more if an accident happens or damage occurs to the car when you are modifying it. Don’t take the risk, get the right insurance and you will save in the end.

Decreasing the Costs

Insurance premiums are determining with not only algorithms identifying risks, they are also affected by factors such as the car’s mileage and your age. If your modified car is not your only vehicle, you can limit your mileage and take down the costs of your insurance. Not only will the car have more longevity, your policy will be much more affordable. You can also cut down your premium by opting for larger voluntary access, which means that you pay more money upfront. Furthermore, if you are under 18-years-old, you can take the Pass Plus exam. If you pass the test, your premium will be reduced. Joining a car club can provide extra discounts and benefits.

While you are modifying your vehicle, another way to decrease the cost of your modified car insurance is to use security mods. Anything that makes the car safer or anything that prevents theft will likely lower your insurance costs, not increase them. An alarm that goes off when the car is tampered with will help, and so will immobilizers and tracking devices. With these security mods, a reduction in costs will likely be made.

When you are making modifications to your car, it is best to be careful and understand the nuances of your own insurance policy. Knowing what you need to cover and what you costs you can avoid will make your insurance cheaper and your life easier. Before you mod your car, get started by doing some research and finding the right insurance policy that suits your needs and situation.

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