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Top 10 Benefits Of Automated Sales Calls For Estate Agents



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When you work within a real estate business, as your business grows, it might become difficult to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of sales calls. Becoming costly and inefficient in the long term, they can take away the time that you should be spending on other tasks. It is essential that within your industry, you are organized and follow up with potential leads in order to stay on top of your game.

A competitive industry to work in, it is important that you have a system set up that will be able to convert leads and build your customer base. That’s where an automated sales system comes in which will act as an acquisition and management service. Holding various similarities to a virtual receptionist, the software has many benefits that you can reap from the moment that you start to use it. If you are unsure as to whether this type of CRM software is right for your estate agency business, here are the top ten benefits that come with it to make the decision easier:

1. You will be able to handle 100’s of calls every hour

Software such as Mojo dialer will allow your business to handle 100’s of calls, allowing you to improve the conversion rate and reach more customers. Automating sales calls, transactional casts and follow up calls, the software is ideal for start-up businesses looking to expand. Allowing for more calls than would be possible by a physical sales agent, it is a technological advancement that is being used by thousands of estate agents around the world.

2. It works well alongside paid advertisements

Many estate agent businesses invest in paid advertising in order to get the word out about their business. Whether it is a Facebook advert or a billboard advert, it is a great way to get your business noticed and achieve a high ROI. However, they aren’t the only way that you can get extra revenue. Alongside your paid advertisements, you can invest in an automated sales system that will target both potential customers and your current customers, allowing you to keep in contact with them and stand above your competition.

3. It won’t take away from the ‘human element’

With automated sales calls, it might seem as though you will be losing the human element that comes with being an estate agent. However, if you use them cleverly, you will be able to start leads and follow up on them before transferring the communication to your agents. It isn’t something that should be fully relied on throughout the process, but it is a helpful way to get the conversation started and to nurture your leads before taking them through the process of buying a property with a physical estate agent.

4. They will track and manage clients

As an estate agent, you can have several clients at one time. Becoming overbearing, it might be difficult to track and manage them. An automated sales system can log all of the calls and compile a report so that you can keep track of the progress. These documents prove to be invaluable in the long term when you are looking at different marketing and sales techniques to draw new customers in.

5. It will allow for long-term value on your leads

As an estate agent, it is important to know the long-term value of a lead. Even though someone might register their interest in a property, they might not be ready to make the full commitment of buying. An automated system can allow for listing alerts, follow up calls and emails to check whether or not the customers are still interested. It’s important that you monitor this, however, as you don’t want to spam your customers with advertisements and communication as they could soon get fed up and look for new estate agents.

6. It will eliminate the ‘off-season’

It is known that when you are selling properties, there will be an off-season in which you aren’t frequently getting leads. With an automated sales system, however, it will be able to capture the attention of potential clients no matter what the time of year. When your database has hundreds or thousands of potential customers, the automated system will never run out of leads to contact.

7. It will identify potential customers

By setting a filter in the system as to which customers to contact, the system will only contact potential customers that have a higher potential of conversion. Analyzing interested customers, it can be a helpful addition that makes the process run more smoothly.

8. It will save your business time

As mentioned above, an automated system has the benefit of saving your business time so that the sales agents can focus on other tasks. When you have a growing business it is good to look for ways to still expand without any compromises. An automated sales system will assist your sales team by giving them the helping hand that they need both in busy periods and the off-season. You will also be able to access the system from wherever you are, meaning that you never miss out on an opportunity.

9. It will save you money

Automated sales systems are invaluable for those looking to expand their client database. Saving you on the money that you would have spent higher more sales agents, it will grow your profits in a stress-free and simple way. The systems can also have a pre-recorded answering machine message feature, meaning that you can leave personalized messages for your clients, when they don’t answer the phone. This will guarantee that no time or money is wasted, converting the leads in the long term.

10. They are more accurate

When you have numerous clients, it’s difficult to keep up to date with the progress, prices, etc. An automated sales system will hold all of this information, ensuring that each client has their own personalized and bespoke service. Providing correct prices and updates, you will be able to close deals faster. Often human error might result in unhappy clients. You can improve this customer satisfaction rate with a system which is reliable and accurate.

Final thoughts

With automation, you will be able to dominate the real estate industry. Building up a relationship with clients from the start, you won’t have to worry about converting and nurturing leads. Of course, throughout the process, your team should monitor how the system is working and that it is sufficiently bringing new customers in. You also shouldn’t rely fully on the system simply using it alongside your usual communication practices to improve productivity and efficiency. It is good to have a balance of physical sales agents, as well as a system to handle leads in busy periods.

When looking at automated sales system providers, it is vital that you compare the prices, alongside the features that they have (as many have more than others). You should also weigh up the possible disadvantages that might come with investing in the system and try a trial period to see how successful it can be before rolling it out completely. This will make the decision easier as to whether you want to invest in it or not when the trial comes to an end.

As technology continues to develop and more people are turning towards online estate agents, if you have high-street stores, it’s important to stay ahead of your competition in order to continue to thrive. Through automated sales, you can do this in a low-cost and efficient way that can be incredibly beneficial in the long term.

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