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A Top 10 List of the Best Rechargeable Flashlights to Get in 2019


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Up to 36.7 million people are hit with power outages every year. These outages can leave victims without food, access to electrical powered medical devices, and without the ability to see.

While keeping your fridge and other necessities running during a blackout is a topic for another day, making sure that you can fight through visibility issues when the lights go out is something that we’re about to talk about extensively.

Your ability to see during a power crisis is directly impacted by the quality of flashlight you have on hand. Below, we break down the best rechargeable flashlights on the market that you should consider ordering today.

1. Streamlight Strion

From its impressive beam width to its outstanding price, the Streamlight Strion handily tops our best rechargeable flashlights list. The Streamlight is every bit at home in a residential setting (given its ease of use) as it is in commercial settings (thanks to its build quality).

On a full charge, the Streamlight can exude a 500-lumen beam for about 1-hour. You can get more life out of it by adjusting its plethora of brightness settings.

2. Fenix PD36R

Flashlight discussion leaders like besttacticalflashlights.org scream about the Fenix PD36R and for good reason… This flashlight is capable of producing a beam at 1600-lumens!

Brightness isn’t the only trick up this light’s sleeve. It boasts a beam distance of 283 meters and sports a nifty battery indicator that can help you more effectively manage its use.

3. Olight S30R Baton 3

200-minute run time? Check. Magnetized so you can operate without your hands? Check. Compact design? Double check!

The S30R Baton 3 is a small and sleek rechargeable flashlight that may be the best pound-for-pound light on the market. Is it going to give you the most horsepower out of the flashlights on our list? At below 500-lumens, no.

Still, if portability is a big deal for you, you’re going to want to give the Olight Baton some serious consideration.

4. Urpower Tactical

The Urpower Tactical flashlight popped up on our radar because we couldn’t believe that a flashlight this cheap could output a beam that penetrated up to 1150 ft. As we dug deeper into this model, we became even more impressed by its various lighting modes, zoom lens and 5-hour run time.

Our final conclusion on this light is that if you’re looking for a fabulous, entry-level best rechargeable flashlights pick to scoop up, you’d be hard-pressed to find something better than this bad boy.

5. Pelican 7600

If you’ve ever seen a police officer, firefighter or military person carrying a flashlight, there’s a good chance that Pelican made it. These professionals trust Pelican because of its unbeatable run-time (29 hours in low-power mode), its ability to accept regular batteries as a backup power source and its lifetime warranty.

Pelican brand rechargeable flashlights can be expensive but they come with our very highest recommendation.

6. Makita ML 702

This rechargeable flashlight pick may not be as great looking as some of the other products that we’ve mentioned. As they say though, beauty is only skin-deep. The Makita ML 702 will hook you up with 2-hours of high-beam illumination, an “easy replace” bulb system and a unique 360-degree swivel head.

While you might balk at the idea of having a swivel head on your flashlight, believe us when we tell you that when you’re trying to illuminate at difficult angles, Makita’s unique design will come in handy.

7. Anker Bolder LC90

Anker is a popular brand in the external battery packs space. Few people are aware that the company has channeled their external battery brilliance into wonderful rechargeable flashlights.

From the Anker Bolder, you can expect water resistance, a 1000-foot beam and a bulb that’s rated to last for over 50,000 hours. With that kind of bulb durability, depending on your use, you may end up using the Anker Bolder for life!

8. Eagletac MX30L3-R

Eagletac’s flagship rechargeable flashlight makes a name for itself thanks to its outstanding lumen to battery life ratio. In low-power mode, Eagletac’s light will give you 52-lumens for 160 hours… Not bad. In high-power mode, you’ll be able to enjoy 4625-lumens for a whopping two hours!

That massive output blows just about every other flashlight on our list out of the water.

Beyond its output and battery, we like the MX30L3-R for its user-friendly interface which can be operated with a single finger.

9. Fenix RC 11

This is the second Fenix model of rechargeable flashlight to grace our list which speaks to the brand’s excellence. As it turns out, the Fenix RC 11 is also the smallest, full-powered flashlight on our list but don’t let its size fool you – The RC 11 can pack a punch.

In high-power mode, you’ll enjoy a 1000-lumen beam, albeit, only for 20-minutes. That’s to be expected though given the light’s 4-inch size.

10. Nitecore TIP

For people that are looking for a flashlight with average brightness that’s ridiculously portable, look into the Nitecore TIP. This flashlight charges via your computer’s USB port and can put out 360-lumens for about 30-minutes.

Hardly the flashlight that you want to get lost in the woods with but in a pinch, it does the trick!

Arm Yourself With the Best Rechargeable Flashlights and Stop Fearing the Dark

As energy resources continue to strain under the ballooning population, blackouts may become more common-place. Our recommendation is to prepare for the worst by arming yourself with any of the best rechargeable flashlights that we’ve mentioned.

You’ll be glad that you did.

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