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Cryotherapy Facials


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Life is all about beauty, be it on the inside or outside. On the inside, we hear of how someone possesses a beautiful soul, and from the outside, we also hear of someone who has such beautiful skin. Indeed, it all makes sense when all we present, as humans, is beauty. We live among ladies who are into modeling, and we hear most of them fiercely protecting their faces, be it from the sun, or when playing rough games, they would not want even a single scratch. They always say, “My face is my job.” Indeed, that kind of face has to be protected, that beautiful skin has to be protected because a good looking skin gives you confidence.

Ladies have long been getting their facials done in different places, and using various means. Whenever facials get mentioned, you begin to think of yourself lying on a chair inside a salon, with your face looking upwards, and some chemicals plastered all over your face. You lie still on that chair for some minutes until such a time where they ask you to go and wash with running water. Also, in that same vision of yourself, you might be seeing you lying there with pieces of cucumbers covering your eyes. Sounds about right? But this is just the way we have been used to treating the skin of our faces.

Not All Facials Use Chemicals

Nevertheless, here is the good news, keeping your skin in good condition can be done, without the use of any chemicals that might harm your body, or without the need to keep your eyes covered in cucumber for a whole hour, using cold therapy, which is increasingly being known as cryotherapy. We will get into details later.

Your skin, just like the rest of your body, ages and sometimes grows to uncomfortable lengths. We believe that this can even happen faster than it should, given your age and other factors. Among the causes of the aging of your skin is your actual age, because as people grow up, their skin tends to become rougher. But, we also have another cause for skin roughening, with spots and wrinkles, which is relevant to cryotherapy, and is the loss of subcutaneous support, a fatty tissue between your skin and muscle.

Technology of Skin Health

As years have been progressing, the importance of keeping a healthy skin has been greatly reflected on. Many scholars and researchers have been coming up with practical ways to keep your skin alive. Here, we explore some of the modern techniques that have been proven to keep the skin young and healthy.

The first and simple way to take care of your skin is to drink water more often. When you fail to do so, your body gets dehydrated and responds by sucking more water from out of your skin back into the body. When this happens, it means that your skin is left dry, and with spots all over. Next to drinking water is also to be in the habit of exfoliating your skin. What is this? Well, exfoliating your skin is the practice of removing dead cells from your skin to pave the way for soft and living skin. This helps in a way that the living skin that is left there can facilitate quick movement of nutrients, and is also quick to absorb lotions, thereby aiding speedy recovery of the skin.

Having said the above, we might feel the need to add in a few more tricks, but nothing outdoes the enticement of writing about cryotherapy as an ageless method to take care of the body and help it recover. Cryotherapy is trusted among top athletes as a way of aiding quick body recovery from injury on the muscles and the skin. More so, cold treatment, when performed on your face, helps to tighten and improve your skin condition.

In simple terms, we can describe cold therapy in two ways, meaning you can perform it at your own home using merely a pack of ice cubes right in your freezer, and secondly, using a localized cryotherapy machine. Ice cubes are proven to be your all-year-round skincare hero. You can indeed use them as a natural makeup primer, and they do have the ability to take your cheekbones to new heights.

While at home and feeling red, you can bring a frozen ice-block to the roof of your mouth. Once you do this, receptors for your face’s blood vessels get alive. Moreover, from the benefits of machine cryotherapy themselves, ice cube treatment on your face can take you out of any state of uncomfortable feeling by helping you increase your blood circulation, minimize pores, and soothe inflammation for bright, radiant skin.

Cryotherapy Facials Using Localized Cryotherapy Machines


Now moving to the beauty of cryotherapy, it only does not have to be performed on the rest of the body, but, using a localized cryotherapy machine, you can also perform cryotherapy on your face! Local cryotherapy devices exist that are made to release a stream of super-cooled nitrogen vapor to quickly and painlessly reduce the temperature of your facial skin and the underlying tissues.

This procedure, when performed, causes your facial muscles to contract, thereby increasing blood-flow around the affected area (the facial parts). This process soothes inflammation as it also speeds up cell regeneration. Increased cell regeneration results in new, vibrant skin being formed on your face. The pins and needles-like sensation that you feel soon after the procedure disappears quickly after the treatment, you won’t even really feel it.

Are you worrying about safety? Just know that cryogenic procedures are proven to be 100% safe. You get to enjoy pain and injury-free treatment on your skin. There are indeed no side effects that arise from the procedure. So, cryotherapy does help us to create new skin on the face (when performed around that area), and also all over the body (when you go with whole body cryotherapy). When new skin is created, we are kept young, looking vibrant and confident whenever we go out either for fun or work. Facial cold treatment is something that can be very beneficial to professional models.

Learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy and go through the many cryotherapy clinical studies.

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