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Get Paid to Party Like a Boss with Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories!



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Hey Sparkle Sisters! There is something that I mention frequently in blogs and posts that I want to explain in more detail. I say, “Party Like a Boss” and “Get Paid to Party Like a Boss” frequently. I just want to explain to you exactly what I mean with those phrases. They seem pretty self-explanatory, but they really have a three-fold purpose—just like joining Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories does! Just remember Being, Getting, and Creating, or BGC. Those are words to use when building your Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories career.

Being Your Own Boss

I don’t know about you, but I dreamt of being my own boss for years. Joining Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories is what catapulted me into succeeding with that goal! I absolutely love the jewelry, I love the time I spend with my consultants, and I love helping people. Being a boss isn’t what I’ve always thought that it was—IT IS BETTER! Working with the jewelry is awesome, but I get the most enjoyment from the relationships that I’ve built. Yes, I enjoy being my own boss; I set my own schedule, I earn more income than I ever have, and I work with gorgeous jewelry. And I have realized that I never wanted to be anyone else’s boss-I just wanted control over myself and my life. And joining Paparazzi Jewelry gives me those things.

I need to clarify something. One of the best aspects of being a consultant with Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories is that everyone is their own boss. I have built a team of awesome consultants, but I am not anyone’s boss, except my own. I am a sponsor, which is perfect! There is a huge difference between being a boss and a sponsor. A boss tells people what to do and makes sure they do it. A sponsor helps people in any way possible, encourages them and helps them achieve their goals. Which sounds better to you? Being a boss of anyone but myself would just add stress to a career that I love. So, when I say, “Party Like a Boss” all I mean is I get to run MY career and MY life!

Getting Paid to Party

Showcasing Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories is probably the hardest part of the job—and it’s a BREEZE! Since it basically sells itself, all I ever have to do is set up beautiful displays—which I LOVE doing! When I host a party, I set up, go Live on Facebook or You Tube then I PARTY LIKE a BOSS. I turn on my camera and BOOMwe are LIVE! It’s really that simple. Since there are no sales pitches or presentations and the jewelry is right in front of everyone, my job is super easy and stress free. And the biggest plus? I get to socialize and laugh with all of my lovely customers (Sparkle Sisters) while they shop. That is exactly what I mean when I say, “Get Paid to Party.”

People are amazed by the quality of the pieces, they love the prices, and they want to discuss which pieces they will wear with outfits! How fun is that!? When I party, my mood is always upbeat and happy, and it is infectious. The more enthusiastic I am about the jewelry, the more people buy, the more questions they ask, and the more they want to know about Paparazzi. I love to share how I got involved and how I run MY business. People become very intrigued about how they can get involved and Get Paid to Party.

Creating a Perfect Team of Hand-Picked Party Like a Boss Consultants

I have two major reasons for running Live Paparazzi Jewelry shows. One, of course, is to showcase and sell the pieces and the other is to drum up interest in consultantships. You see people at their best during Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories parties. They are generally friendly and excited about the high-quality jewelry and the amazingly low price. Online parties are an excellent place to get long-term customers, but they are also ideal for meeting potential new consultants. Shopping makes people happy, especially when they are getting SO much for their hard-earned money. Some shoppers notice how much jewelry I am selling per week and want to know more. I am always happy to discuss my career and how being my own boss has changed my life, and people always listen.

So many people that I know really want a positive change in their lives. They are tired of the daily grind of fighting traffic, answering to demanding bosses, and getting underpaid for hard work. I used to be one of them, so I fully understand feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel. But I actively searched for a way out, and that’s when I chose Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories. Sure, there are many opportunities out there to work from home. Paparazzi appealed to me because of the jewelry, the low price point, the quality and the opportunity to handpick who I want to work with. I put a lot of effort into building a team of people that also want to Party Like a Boss.

BCG—Being My Own Boss

So, you see, that is what I mean when I use phrases such as “Party Like a Boss” and “Get Paid to Party Like a Boss.” BCG—Being my own boss, Getting paid to party, and Creating a stellar team—those are what I’m all about. Being surrounded by people that want the same things that I want is empowering. We feed off each other’s positive energy and we all want to see each other succeed. It’s a pretty simple formula and if you want to join me and our amazing team, feel free to reach out. We will do whatever we can to help you get a backstage pass to Partying Like a Boss!

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