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Keeping Up With Copies: The Top Signs You Need a New Copier Machine


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The average small business needs about $10,000 to launch. To be successful, you’ve got to make every penny count.

With the support of your community, your business can go far. But you need to make sure you keep your budget lean and mean.

This brings us to your office equipment. Having the latest tech might seem expensive upfront but saves you money in the long run.

A great copier machine can make or break your business. A good one keeps info flowing, a bad one stops business dead in its tracks.

Here’s how you know it’s time to replace your copier.

It’s Outdated

The very first copy machine was invented in 1938. Yours doesn’t have to be that ancient to need replacing.

An older machine runs slower and needs more upkeep. Spending on a new one will keep costs low long term.

You Use It Too Much

The copier can be the heart of the office. Overuse leads to burn out — and you don’t want to have a heart attack in the middle of an important job.

By five years, you should either replace or start thinking about replacing your machine. Ten years is the absolute longest you can go.

It’s Hard to Repair

Every bit of office equipment needs repairs from time to time. If your machine is getting harder to repair, it might be a sign you need a new one.

Parts get harder to find and expenses go up. A needy machine that breaks all the time can quickly eat a hole in your copy machine budget.

It Doesn’t Conserve Energy

Look at your electric bill. An older machine might be driving up the cost by eating up lots of energy.

Switching to a new, more energy-efficient machine can bring that number down.

It’s Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

A regular office copier can be connected to the online world. With sophisticated cyberattacks, an older machine is vulnerable to being hacked.

Keep your sensitive information safe. Purchase a new machine with upgraded internet security.

Your Copies Look Bad

A copier needs to print, fax, and of course copy to be useful. If your copies are always coming out smudged and illegible, it’s not doing its job.

You need to always put your best foot forward with your customers. Sending barely readable, blurry prints affects your business and makes you seem unprofessional.

Don’t keep fixing it or replacing the ink. Get a new machine and save yourself the hassle.

Is It Time for a New Copier Machine?

Did you see the signs that you need a new copier machine in your office workhorse? Then make the change today and make your business more efficient.

We know it’s a big chunk of change, but your business is worth it. Upgrading your equipment is a crucial step to take to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

Speaking of success, wouldn’t you like to learn more about how to run your business the best way? Check out all of the articles in our business section and keep growing!

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