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Do Delivery Drones Possess a Positive Environmental Impact?


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It’s a bird … It’s a plane … It’s … a drone?

That’s right, unmanned drones aren’t only for the military anymore. Now, drones are getting used for delivery, construction, emergency services, and more. The rapid growth of the drone industry has led to some interesting questions.

What’s the environmental impact of drone technology? Are there downsides to making drones mainstream? Keep reading to get all the details.

Environmental Benefits of Drone Technology

Can drones help reduce climate change and save the planet? A lot of experts think so. Why? Drones have the potential to cause a radical shift in the transportation industry.

Currently, the transportation industry is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases in America. Replacing fuel-based trucks with drones for delivery would be a game-changer.

As if the potential to save the world wasn’t enough, drones have more benefits to offer. Here are a few:

  • Can replace fuel-based machines in the agricultural industry
  • Improves agricultural yield and reduces costs of food production
  • Aids in disaster relief efforts
  • Helps track and protect wildlife
  • Provides better aerial mapping pictures
  • Useful tools in maintaining wind turbines and solar panels

Do these benefits make unmanned drones green technology? Yes, and the biggest reason why is because no fuel is necessary.

The Downsides of Drones

Why aren’t drones already widespread since they have such a stellar resume? Despite the upsides, there are still a few downsides that deserve consideration.

One of the biggest concerns over drones is a person’s right to privacy. Currently, flying drones that trespass are often legal. Legislators have yet to make it illegal for drone users to “spy” on their neighbors.

Another significant drone consideration is the potential for accidents to occur. Without clear airspace, drones can become hazardous. They can clog up the airways and interfere with airplanes.

What happens if your drone causes someone else to get injured? What happens when accidents occur over the ocean?

Drone accidents are unique because drones can travel a significant distance away. That means the driver could be miles away from the accident scene. The driver may also have limited visibility.

Small drones pack a serious punch, and they can cause serious damage to planes despite their size.

Environmental Impact of Drones: The Verdict

What’s the verdict? Are drones the future, or are they more of a public nuisance?

The general consensus is in favor of furthering drone technology. The tech’s potential to help the environment speaks for itself. That doesn’t mean that a drone’s drawbacks should get disregarded, though.

As private and public drone fleets grow, it’s likely more legislation will follow.

Are Delivery Drones the Future?

From clogging the airways to saving the planet, drones have a lot of potential. The overarching environmental impact of drones is positive. So, it’s likely that industries and individuals will continue to use them.

Recently, Amazon announced its intention to use drones for delivery in the future. Are you ready to get your packages via drone? Get ready because the future is now!

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