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5 Ways To Look Your Best This Summer



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Hello, Summer!

You’ve been craving the Summer sun but the thought of crop tops and bikinis aren’t getting you excited. Winter wasn’t your friend but that delicious bag of Cheetos or the nachos you couldn’t put down — yeah those went right to the hips!

If you’re worried about how to look your best this Summer, we have some tips for you. Continue reading this article to learn how to look more attractive and turn heads this summer.

Use These Tips to Look Your Best This Summer

Whether you’re looking into cool new methods of getting a hot bod like CoolSculpting or you want the latest makeup tips, these following five will help you feel the sexiest you’ve ever felt.

1. Teeth Whitening

The long winter filled with cocoa and coffee could have done a number on your tooth whiteness. If your teeth are dingy or if your teeth look yellow, this will take away from how attractive you look.

If you have it in your budget, you might choose to set up an appointment at the local cosmetic dentist. Many dentists perform tooth whitening procedures that can help you get that fresh look back when you smile.

Some simple ways to keep your teeth white are brushing them right after you consume drinks like tea and coffee or avoiding them as much as possible. If you must drink these things then grab a straw so it goes into your mouth and avoids your teeth more than if you drank it without a straw.

2. Turn Up the Volume

Hair with volume is sexy hair. If you’re going to be out at the lake or on the ocean this Summer, you want to turn up the volume.

Use shampoo and conditioner that helps you get the perfect poof. Taking time to do a blowout on your hair is also helpful. Grab your round brush and favorite hairdryer with the cool shot feature.

Before you use your round brush, dry your hair to about 80%. Once your hair is 80% dry, section it off so it is easy to access the roots.

Start drying from the roots to the tip as you’re turning your round brush. Once the hair is dry, use the cool shot feature to lock in the shine of your blowout.

3. Drink Water

Despite how basic this information is, most people fail to drink enough water. When your body is dehydrated, not only do you feel off but you don’t look as good.

Without enough water, your skin can’t be as vibrant as you’d like it to be. When you drink the recommended amount of water for your height and weight, you’ll notice that you feel better during activities and your skin feels nicer to the touch.

If you have trouble consuming water because you forget and leave it all until the end of the day, there are apps you can use to help you. Grab a water reminder app and set alarms and goals throughout the day.

Drinking enough water is important enough to plan it throughout the day. When you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail on your water intake for the day.

It’s helpful to get a water container that is at least 24 ounces. You’ll feel more accomplished when you complete the whole bottle and will be more likely to go on to the next.

Figure out what temperature of water you like the most. If your water is too cold, it may be difficult for you to drink it too quickly unless you want a brain freeze.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Summer is time for some color. You might have been afraid to use the red lipstick throughout the winter but now is the time to throw the red lipstick in your carry bag.

If you use red lipstick, you don’t need much other makeup to go out for a Summer day activity.

5. Confidence = Hot

If you want to look amazing this Summer, confidence needs to be your focus. Confidence is sexy on anyone and will amplify anything you’re already doing.

If you’re wearing that red lipstick then wear it with pride. Put your shoulders back and strut your stuff.

It’s not always easy to feel confident when you don’t think you’re a confident person. The good news is that confidence isn’t something you’re born with or born without.

You can learn to be confident. And learn to love yourself.

Take time to look in the mirror each morning and analyze how amazing you are. Instead of focusing on the things that you might not like about yourself, focus on the things that you know you love.

Maybe you think you have a beautiful figure. Spend some time “working it” in the mirror and tell yourself how fabulous you look.

When you do this, you’ll start to believe it and this will translate to confidence.

Bonus Tip – Wear Clothes that Accentuate Your Figure

If you aren’t sure the type of clothes that fit your figure best, hire a professional stylist. They know how to help you find clothes that are going to be the best fit for your body.

You can also look at women with similar body types and see which clothes look great on them. Use this for inspiration for your own shopping session.

Get More Summer Hotness Tips

Now that you know how to look your best this Summer, why not get more great tips? You can switch up your makeup, outfits and learn new workout routines.

Read through our top articles and make sure this Summer is the best Summer.

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