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Mobile Home Propane Furnaces: How to Heat a Mobile Home Efficiently


If your mobile home was created before 1976, you may be losing hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs. That is, if you haven’t updated your furnace since that time.

There was a distinction made between modular and manufactured homes in 1975 which put in place different standards of energy efficiency. Your home may not be very efficient if it was created before then.

You’re liable to lose a lot of heat through your doors, windows, and uninsulated walls in older homes, and heating your mobile home can be a serious concern in the winter months. These issues will only continue to get worse as time goes on if you don’t update your systems.

There are a lot of methods of heating out there, but it seems that the most reliable option is to replace your old furnace with a new one. We’ll take a look at furnaces and how they operate to give you a consistent source of heat throughout the winter.

Understanding Mobile Home Propane Furnaces

Mobile home furnaces can provide heat through a number of processes. They essentially burn natural fuel, oil, or use electricity. The electric and natural gas methods generate heat which transferred into the air and moved throughout the ducts of the mobile home.

Ductwork is an essential aspect of propane furnaces, and you should consider putting some in if you don’t have any already. The ducts are used to push air throughout a home, distributing the heat in a relatively even way. Duct systems are customized to suit each home because each one is different.

The Cost

Furnaces are generally a lot larger in bigger homes because there is more space to heat. For this reason, they’re typically really expensive, which is why you may be turned off to the idea of installing a furnace to your mobile home. Thankfully, with less space to fill, the cost of mobile home furnace systems is a lot smaller.

It’s recommended that you find a closet space or other area to dedicate to your furnace. They’re relatively small and should be able to fit in any closet-sized space. The low-end rate for mobile home furnaces is somewhere around 800 dollars if you’re using a gas or propane method.

If you’re looking to use an electric furnace, the price will go down and begin at around 600 dollars. The installation is where the costs start to build up. You’re generally looking at somewhere between one to two thousand dollars for installation of the system and ducts.

Getting Prepared

You may have a mobile home that has had a furnace previously. This will be good because it will take care of a couple things for you. First, it’s likely that you already have ducts in place, which will save you a good deal of money in the installation process.

Second, some of the chords will be able to be reused and the location of your furnace is already determined. This will, most likely, take care of a lot of installation costs and frustrations. Intake hoses and other components will have already been installed once, meaning that if you don’t have to replace them, you don’t have to worry about much.

If you do have to replace them, however, you will still have portions of the installation completed. If you have an old furnace, you will want to remove it. Make sure that your power is shut off, and examine where the furnace connects to the electricity. If they’re damaged in any way, you’ll need to remove them.


You could conceivably install the furnace yourself. If your previous furnace had similar electrical connections, the process will not be difficult at all. You first need to match the new electrical cords to the old sockets.

Make sure they match up before trying to force them in. Tighten the electric connections with a screwdriver, or whatever tool is required for your specific outlets. Make sure they are tightened just enough, not screwing too hard and stripping or weakening the bolts.

Make Sure It Works

Once you’ve installed the furnace to the best of your ability, you’ll want to make sure it works right off of the bat. Waiting too long to test the effectivity could result in electrical malfunctions if the system is damaged. Turn it on and wait for an hour or so to see if it is still working well and producing heat.

You’ll also notice that your home is significantly warmer, which is clearly a good sign! There are still a few things that you need to do to keep your house warm, however, because a furnace will do its job, but you have to do yours too.

Winterizing Your Mobile Home

There are a number of things that you should do to winterize your mobile home, most of them preventing cold from entering your walls. The first and most important thing that you can do personally is find a way to keep air from entering your doors, windows, and other openings that allow things to come in and out.

Add weather stripping to doors and windows

This can be done with extra screens, storm windows, and doors, or plastic. The cost of this is generally low, and most plastic coverings for doors and windows can be found at any hardware store. The material is called weather stripping, and it is designed to block airflow coming in or out of your home.

Clean gutters to prevent ice dams

You’ll also want to get materials to properly prevent any damages from building up over time. Whether it’s a roof rake or ice-chip, you’ll need to find a way to remove snow and ice. Ice dams are extremely common when your gutters have leaves or material in them and must be taken care of because the ice can cause leaks in your roof.

Remove snow from roof after storm

Additionally, snow build-up can reach a point of no return and cause permanent damage to your roof. It’s estimated that homes can tolerate around four feet of snow before they’re liable to break. This can be combatted by a simple removal of snow.

These things could potentially leave you needing repairs in the dead of winter, costing a lot of money and potentially exposing the inside of your home to the elements.

Learn More About How Gas Can Help

Heating your home is only the beginning of creating a great space for you and your family to live. Looking into gas and mobile home propane furnaces can pose a surprising amount of benefits.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to improve your home, we have the information you need.

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