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5 Tips to Trying out for Travel Baseball Teams: What They Look For


Did you know that over 15 million kids play baseball in America?

If your son is passionate about this sport, playing on travel baseball teams can take his skills to the next level. Want to know how to help your son succeed at tryouts? Keep reading for 5 must-know tips.

1. Come Early And Prepared

First impressions matter a lot during tryouts. In order to start out on the right foot, make sure your son arrives early with all of the necessary gear. Since travel baseball players are dedicated to the sport, having all of the equipment shows coaches you’re serious.

If your son doesn’t know any of the coaches there, encourage him to introduce himself and shake their hands before the tryouts start. This shows that he has confidence and a friendly personality.

As a parent, it’s best to stay quiet and let your son fend for himself. Although the coaches are most interested in the players, intrusive parents can be a big turnoff.

2. Starting Tryouts For Travel Sports: Baseball Warmups Are Serious

Your son shouldn’t use all of his energy during warmups in an attempt to show off. However, it’s crucial that he takes this time seriously. The coaches will observe who goofs off and who has a solid warmup routine.

Your son should get along with other players, but warmups are not an appropriate time to chat. He should concentrate on preparing for the upcoming exercises. Travel sports are more serious, so coaches will keep their eyes peeled for kids who can stay focused.

3. Be A Team Player

Since baseball is a team sport, coaches want to draft players who mesh together. Many tryouts involve paired or group exercises. This is so coaches can see who communicates well and encourages the other players.

It’s important that your son understands the difference between socializing and being a supportive teammate. He should focus on doing his best and being a positive addition to the group. If any other kids are being mean or negative, he shouldn’t join in.

4. Have A Good Attitude About Travel Baseball Teams

Travel baseball is more rigorous, which means the performance standards are higher. As long as your son proves that he’s ready to work hard and accept constructive criticism, he’ll be a desirable candidate.

Tryouts can be stressful for kids, so mistakes are bound to happen. If your son does make a mistake, the coaches will watch how he handles it. The best way to recover is to move along and keep trying with a smile.

5. Be Earnest

Some parents want their children to play travel sports more than the kids themselves. Before you go to a tryout, make sure your son understands the commitment and hard work that he has to put into it.

If your son is passionate and determined, this will be apparent during tryouts. The best advice you can give to your son before tryouts is to have fun, play hard, and be a good sport.

Ready For Tryouts?

With these top tryout tips for travel baseball teams, your son is sure to be noticed by the best coaches.

Are you ready to start researching traveling teams? Check out our list to find teams in your state that are looking for players.

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