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Why Choose a Propane Heating Solution for Your Commercial Building


Are you tired of paying high electric bills? When the temperature drops and the furnace runs constantly, does your heating and electric bill go through the roof? Businesses are especially susceptible to high electrical and heating costs.

They have large open buildings that run heat longer than residential homes. A propane heating system can save your business money. It’s hard enough to keep a business running without adding the high costs of electricity and heating.

It’s time to reconsider your heating system. Propane heat is a better alternative than other common heating systems. We’ll tell you all about the benefits of propane heating systems.

Propane is Not Natural Gas

Before we get into comparing the costs of electricity and propane, we need to make the distinction between propane and natural gas. What many people consider natural gas heating is not the same as propane heating.

Propane is a gas, but it’s not what’s referred to as natural gas. Natural gas is a mix of several different flammable gases: butane, ethane, and methane. Propane comes from the ground as well, but it’s often removed from the natural gas and sold separately.

Propane is a much better and cleaner alternative to natural gas. It has more than two times the energy of natural gas. If you wanted to heat your home, then you would need as much propane as natural gas.

Natural gas is a greenhouse gas and detrimental to the environment, but it burns cleanly. This means once the gas burns it isn’t negative for the environment but does if released in its natural form. Propane is safe both before and after burning.

A Propane Heating System Heats Better for Commercial Businesses

Many of the appliances used to heat and cook in a business can run on propane. Your building’s furnace, stove and water heater can run on propane more efficiently than on electricity. It can run industrial equipment as well including forklifts and generators.

Don’t have several heating and power materials used in your building. Why have gasoline for your generator, natural gas for your heat and electricity for your ovens? How many bills do you want to receive every month?

Cut that number down by switching to propane. You’ll still get an electric bill for your lights, but you’ll pay much less using propane for everything else. When it comes to a return on investment, you don’t get better than propane.

If you choose to run your entire business off propane through a generator, then you’ll not only save money but the environment as well.

It Looks Great to Consumers

Your customers care for the environment. When it comes to propane vs. electricity, propane wins at public relations. Standard commercial electricity comes from several sources including coal, natural gas, and nuclear.

Some of it might come from renewable energy such as wind turbines and solar farms, but not much. Burning fossil fuels is bad for the environment. If you switch to propane, you’re sending a message to your customer that you care.

Using propane and helping the environment becomes associated with your brand. When given the choice between your company and the competition, consumers go with the one that cares for the environment.

Propane Heats Better Than Electric

Electrical heating systems are less energy efficient than propane heaters. They also provide less temperature stability. When you’re heating your business, you want the heat consistent.

One part of your building can’t be freezing and another part sweating. Propane provides more stable temperatures throughout the building. If you set the temperature for 70 degrees, electric can run it up to 72 or let it dip to 68.

Propane doesn’t let that happen and keep the temperature stable. Electric heat pumps don’t heat above body temperature, so the air coming from the vent feels cool. Propane gets air hotter to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit for better and faster warmth.

Propane furnaces can work in shorter bursts and save money over electric.

Propane Appliances Last Longer Than Electric

Furnaces do a lot of work over the years. They run near constantly over the winter and go months without use in the summer. A good electric heater can last about 10-15 years if you take care of it.

Propane furnaces and appliances last 5-10 years longer than electrical versions. Propane appliances may cost more at the time of installation. They more than make that up with savings through the years.

If you’re looking for longevity and cheaper operation, then propane wins every time over electrical, natural gas and heating oil. Commercial businesses need to save money wherever they can, and propane makes sense.

Propane is Safer Than Other Materials

When there is a natural gas leak, it’s an emergency. Natural gas is flammable and along with electricity caused many fires.

Propane has a natural safety mechanism built into it. It cannot ignite in the air unless the area reaches a temperature of 940 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s not harmful to plants and the soil and the National Fire Prevention Associationregulates it. How many people have died from electrical and natural gas fires and explosions? Far more than anyone associated with propane.

Propane is More Reliable

When was the last time you had a power outage? They’re common throughout the United States, especially during bad weather. That’s the time when you need it most.

Having your furnace go out during a snowstorm can be deadly if it’s a prolonged outage. Your propane tank is never going to fail you. All you need to do is keep it filled.

You also know exactly how much you use. Do you understand how kilowatt-hours work? Only the electrical company does, but you’re dealing with gallons of propane. You know exactly how much you use.

Propane is Ideal for Commercial Businesses

A propane heating system makes sense for commercial businesses. It’s great for the environment, cheaper and more reliable than electricity. Why would you choose any other system for your heating and power needs?

Join the thousands of other businesses saving money through propane. If you want to learn more about propane and our services, then click this link.

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