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Under the Big Top: 6 Tips for Throwing a Party in a Tent



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In 1971 the then Shah of Persia (Iran), Reza Shah, decided to stage a lavish party – in a tent. It was designed to be the biggest and most lavish party of its kind in history to celebrate 2,500 years of the Persian Empire. Many political commentators say it was so lavish it helped sow the discontent that brought down the Empire and ushered in the Iranian Revolution.

An entire tent city or golden city was built in Persepolis with a guest list that still beats most guest lists ever written. It consisted of Prince Phillip, husband of Queen ElizabetH II, U.S Vice-President Spiro Agnew, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco as well as a host of other royal and political figures not usually seen together outside of state occasions.

It is proof that throwing a party in a tent is always a big crowd pleaser but how do you make sure your party will be remembered?

1. Budget

It’s likely that your budget does not quite stretch to that of the Shah of Persia’s nor is your contacts list quite so extensive that you can call on members of various royal families to attend. However, thinking about a budget is important.

If the budget is too low the party could pan out and not be a great success, if the budget is too high then things can spiral and you could find yourself losing money, very quickly.

And the budget will determine the number of guests and the size of the tent you are going to buy or hire.

2. Weather

Weather is always key to outdoor party planning. Do you live in colder climes? Then a party in a tent could end up being a bit of a miserable affair unless you ensure you have a sturdy tent that won’t get blown away in the wind. You also need to ensure guests have heaters to ensure they don’t freeze to death.

Conversely, if you live in the middle of Texas or Las Vegas a tent with lots of people milling around could get very stuffy indeed. The tent would need to be made of a lighter material and you would also need to think about fans or portable air conditioning to make it work. Perhaps you could also create tables and space to sit outside of the tent.

Be sure to check out our website to see what the weather in your local area is doing.

3. Guest List

So just who are you going to invite to this party of yours? The guest list has to fit with the budget so there must be some limit on numbers but it also has to work socially.

Don’t invite people you know will clash and if you are jointly agreeing to this party with a spouse, sibling or friend be sure to agree together who makes the cut and who doesn’t. Giving one person the duty of deciding the guest list can only end in disaster.

4. Food

You will need to decide the extent of the catering you are going to provide. Are you going to go all out and provide a full three-course meal? Perhaps a roast dinner with all of the trimmings. If so you are going to need some gas to cook up a storm. Here are some diesel fuel generators for sale that could help you out.

If you’re opting for a buffet or outdoor party food and some light snacks you need to decide who will do the catering or whether you are going to buy food out to bring in. Can you get a better price for buying in bulk?

If you are cooking food inside the tent, however, be very careful as fires in tents are very common and can cause serious damage to the community and even cost lives.

5. Theme

Hosting a random party doesn’t help your planning nor will be it as exciting for your guests. You are better to think of a theme for your party. Will you turn your tent into an ice palace with the tables decorated in blue and ice hanging from the light fittings?

Or will you decide on a circus-like tent with those serving the food dressed as animals?

6. Taking Out the Trash

Another important thing to consider is how you are going to clean up once the party is over. Ensure that there are enough trash cans for all of your guests during the party and there is a proper system in place. Particularly if drinks are being served in glass bottles; ensure that they are collected so that they can be then recycled.

Also, be sure to get everyone to chip at the end of the night so that the tent and the area surrounding it gets cleaned up as quickly as possible and does not take all night. Do not leave cleaning up to the morning as there might not be much motivation: you and everyone else will no doubt be extremely tired.

Party in a Tent? Great Idea If You Plan Properly

A party in a tent is sure to set your social circles alight with excitement and enthusiasm. You will probably feel like the king of the world or the queen bee for a while.

But planning all the different aspects is important to ensure it goes without a hitch. Ensure you have an outdoor party checklist. You don’t want to end up disappointing your friends with a poor party or being over-budget and in debt for months to come.

To read more about social events and find out what is happening in your local area be sure to check out our community calendar.

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