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Easy to carry multifunctional storage bags

multifunctional storage bags

The pace of our fast moving life requires us to be on-the-go ever-so-ready individuals.

Picture a normal routine day. You’re barely able to get up and get ready, leave aside the hurried breakfast and the worries of catching the right train or bus to work or even driving all the way.

And to add to all of this, you struggle to find the perfect accessories to go with your outfit.

Or imagine, getting together a project or a DIY gift at the last minute and not finding the felt tape or a pair of scissors to start with. Such a task, right?

Or even at work, when the last minute submissions kick in and you cannot find a proper working pen in time, it can be so annoying and tarnishing for your professional image.

That’s why it’s so important to have everything organized at one place and that’s where we have a multifunctional storage bag to our rescue!

As the name rightly suggests, the bag can be used for a variety of purposes including storing jewellery, make up, daily essentials, craft, and art related material, sewing essentials and almost anything. It can range from being a pouch to being a mini suitcase in itself. These organisers could be the best gifting option to anyone, too. Everyone could put it to some use out of the multiple functions it serves.

These bags can also be custom created depending on one’s requirements or preference of colours. Some brands manufacturing these organisers take a lot of pride in making them by hand instead of machines, thus involving designers in the majority part of the manufacturing process and increasing precision and innovation in the design. Beautiful hand embroideries can be done on these organisers thus helping one make a style statement with each of the unique designs.

Jewellery storage organisers

Jewellery Storage

When they said “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”, they didn’t lie! Women love their jewellery whether it be the diamonds or even the imitation jewellery they buy from anywhere and everywhere!

But as much thought goes into buying jewelry, one would want to be relieved with going through more thinking on the options for storing the jewellery. To keep all our worries away and for a quick fix for the thinking that one has to do for the storage options, we have the multi-storage organisers for keeping it all in one place.

Jewellery organizers could be one where multiple accessories could be stored in one. There could also be one organiser for storing all varieties of just one type of accessory. For example, we can have a box for storing only bracelets or bangles or a hanger with multiple lines for hanging all the different pairs of earrings.

We could also have bags made of cloth with multiple pockets or compartments of different sizes for storing our tiny accessories like earrings and rings to storing delicate or chunky neck pieces and headbands, bracelets and watches and so also anklets, toe rings, and bangles. These pockets can be transparent, see-through or netted ones or even made of solid color panels.

How amazing would it be to be able to find that earring you once bought out of impulse or those cheap bracelets that you bought when you were street shopping or even simply that nose ring you bought because you planned to get pierced someday!

Silly and moody splurging finally coming to some rescue! Choosing the right organiser for your needs, however, would be difficult given that every article of jewellery requires different care. There could be silver jewellery that cannot be stored in airy netted pockets due to the problem of oxidation and hence the jewelry developing a black color.

Also, we all have days when one piece of necklace gets entangled with another or we have difficulty in finding the second earring of a pair of earrings because it gets lost among the other pieces of jewelry stored in the same pocket of the organiser.

The key would be to be sure of the kind of jewellery one wants to store in a given organiser and then deciding on the size, shape and material of the organiser. Also, it would be beneficial if different bags are used for each type of accessory. In case one wants to be able to carry the organiser for a trip or to work, small bags with more number of pockets might do the work.

For keeping the storage organizers at home, one can use bigger organisers easily instead of the compact and smaller ones. The benefit of having everything in one place and knowing that you won’t miss out on the options available is worth the effort of using multiple jewellery bags.

Craft storage organisers

“I had kept it right here after using it last time and cannot find it now!” The most common problem with art and craft material, isn’t it? We’re always buying a new pair of scissors or glue because we cannot find the old one anymore. Then, we end up with a drawer full of craft essentials but no clue of where to store it so that we find it at the right time, next time.

Double Petite Craft Organiser (CA220)

Having a craft organizer bag is like having a fire fighting equipment at work or home, it is underestimated but it comes of utmost use when the need arises. A craft organiser should ideally be a little bigger in size as compared to other multi storage bags, given that art supplies contain papers of different colors and sizes, pens and pencils, brushes, colors, threads and so much more.

The list is never ending and so should be the space! Craft organisers should ideally be made of cloth or have kids friendly material so that these can be used by all age groups. It would instill the skill of organizing the materials and also keep one more aware of when supply is running out so that it can be replenished.

Also, for all the working parents, handing over the organiser to their kids to take it to school, is so much easier than putting it together for them every day .and not finding the right materials. For the grown-ups, leather organisers give a very suave and sophisticated look whereas cloth ones are lighter and available in beautiful vibrant colors.

Trinket Fold-up Case (CA516)

The organization being an advantage, the trouble with these craft organisers is of the possibilities of spillover of colors dirtying the bag or maybe a cut or more in the pockets due to storing scissors, paper cutters or needles or simply the knits and threads getting entangled and messy.

However, we always have the option of washing away the colored stains from wash friendly materials or using some of our sewing and quick fix abilities to stitch the small holes! The right way of segregating and storing the supplies is all that is required.

Also, most organisers come with instructions on how could a product be stored in order to not damage the bag’s material or the product itself. Ofcourse paint colors in glass containers would need to not be stored in cloth bags as there is a risk of dropping the bag and breaking the containers. The more viable option would be to choose tough plastic material and some cushioning inside the bag so that a sudden dropping of the organizer does not impact our essentials inside.

All in all, craft bags is a win situation given its ease and space for storage.

Make up storage organisers

Women out there know the pain of losing their favorite shade of lipstick, don’t they?! Everyone would agree that choosing the right make up is an art and storing it well is an important task for the artists! Also, for those days when everything else is falling apart, at least your make up is all intact in one place! Make up organisers are a blessing, helping us store our eyeliner, mascara, colour palettes, brushes, compact, concealers and everything under the sun (or in our budget!)

Dilly Bag (PA60)

These organisers not only help professional make up artists to carry their products with ease but also almost every lady to have everything at one place. Also, we all crush on another woman’s make up and the shades she uses. Friends end up borrowing each other’s favorite shades. In such a situation, handing over your entire collection of products for them to choose is so much easier than looking around, trying to find the right product to be shared with them.

The feel of opening an organizer and looking at an entire range of different brushes on the inside of the top panel along with an array of other products is itself such a satisfying sight. The other cosmetics are well segregated into different pockets. Wouldn’t that invariably make one feel like getting dressed up?!

Using makeup is so much about the mood, the feel and finding the correct products at the right time and everyone who likes using cosmetics, would agree and relate to this. Having make-up organised is most helpful for the days when we are in a hurry and cannot invest much time in finding the right option. Also, we have all known a woman who might not be into using cosmetics as it’s not their ‘thing’.

Gift a make up organiser to such a lady and see her eyes getting drawn to the well-arranged products and rest assured that she will now want to use a product or more. More often than not, it’s the laziness and the thought of having to take care of the products that demotivate them to use these products.

In that sense, a multi-storage make up organiser would really help! The most frequently used cosmetics and daily essentials can be placed in the top panels and pockets and the others could be stored in the lower half of an organiser.

Make up products tend to make the material of the organiser dirty and thus, organisers need cleaning on a timely basis to maintain the hygiene of the products. Shaped like a chic suitcase, a handbag or just as a pouch, there are cosmetic bags for every person’s individual needs and personality.

One can also have a deck of trays within a box, each extendable and opening outwards, giving more room inside and yet, a rather compact look on the outside. We might argue for not all products fitting into an organiser or sometimes the organizer being a little too big in size to carry it along with us.

These problems can, however, be addressed by having your exact requirement in mind before you head out to the multiple brands offering organisers for all types of needs. There could also be different organisers, for everyday usage and for days when you have to dress up on occasions, knowing that the daily essentials would require a more sleeker and smaller organiser.

Double Petite Organiser (PA220)

Knowing all the uses of these organisers, everyone would surely want to grab one and for this, we have a huge variety of available on the online market platform where not only can we choose from the different designs and sizes but also get it delivered to the comfort of their home.

The one-time minimal investment can help in organising oneself better. Also, the best part is that these organisers can be used interchangeably for our needs. You may use it for a period of time for storing makeup essentials and maybe later use it for storing craft supplies and buy a new design for the make-up storage!

Newness can be maintained and yet the old one would come in meaningful use. This is an ideal scenario for multiple uses. We could argue about losing all the stuff in one go if we lose our organiser. As much as this is true and worrisome, the benefits of being organized and better prepared, greatly outweigh the risk.

It builds discipline and management of our belongings and it provides ease of use due to the design and the use of segregation within the organiser. It helps for long lasting and better storage of the products, thus increasing the shelf life of all our essentials. Also, multi storage organisers are a soothing sight for all the OCD freaks out there!

They say good things come in small packages and multistorage organisers are the small packages everyone needs to store the good things in the best possible way!

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