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Moving Out: 8 Moving Cross Country Tips to Keep You Sane



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While many Americans love to find a place to settle down and put permanent roots down, there are those whose priorities are aligned quite differently.

Surveys show that 37% of Americans are more than happy to relocate if it means a step up in their career or a new career.

However, some relocations can have you moving across the country, which can be a very stressful ordeal.

To keep your sanity, follow these 8 moving cross country tips!

Sell Off Everything You Don’t Want or Need

Moving to a new place presents a fantastic opportunity for a new you. If you’re moving to find a new job or because you already have one, you get to reinvent your life.

This is also a great excuse to purge all of the useless stuff you’ve collected over the years.

You don’t want to pay for multiple moving trucks. The more you can ditch, the more money you’ll save on the move.

Additionally, following this moving cross country tip, you can make thousands of dollars selling off your old stuff!

Make Checklists

To keep your sanity preparing to move across the country, it’s vital that you stay organized and don’t fall behind.

Make checklists of all the things that need to be taken care of before you leave. What needs to be packed, what needs to be sold, and what tasks do you need to complete?

Start Collecting Boxes

Long before your move, you should start collecting boxes. You never expect to need as many as you do. You can score a variety of boxes on early morning trips to the grocery store when they’re restocking.

With this moving across the country tip, save yourself the hassle of last-minute box emergencies!

Start Packing and Cleaning Early

Once you get those boxes early, go ahead and start packing your things you know you want to keep, but don’t necessarily need in the immediate future.

This can include keepsake items as well as decorations and guest room stuff. Once you have some rooms cleared out, start cleaning them out as well. This will save you stress in the future.

If we learned anything in school it was that we shouldn’t procrastinate!

Find a Moving Company

Start scoping out moving companies and comparing prices. Decide if you want to drive the U-haul yourself or if you want to pay someone else to do it.

If you have enough stuff for a freight truck, however, you will not be allowed to drive it yourself.

Ship Your Vehicles

Moving across country and owning multiple vehicles presents a problem. Fortunately, auto-shipping companies exist and some offer quite the bargain!

For example, check out auto transport quotes here!

Otherwise, you may find yourself on a very long road trip, two or more times!

Search for Rentals (At least at first)

One of the most important of all moving across country tips is not to start looking for homes to buy yet. Get a rental first so that you can get to know your new city first.

Learn what the neighborhoods are like.

Once you’re comfortable and know the lay of the land a bit, go ahead and start house hunting!

Cancel All Utility and Home Services

The last thing you want to do while moving across the country is spend money on services you no longer require.

Make sure you let all of your utility, cable, and internet companies know when you’re moving so they can disconnect your services.

Moving Cross Country Tips for an Easy Ride

Big moves are huge, life-changing experiences, but with these moving cross country tips, they don’t ‘t have to be stressful.

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