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Relationship or Bust?: Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility



Love is complicated, messy, and even scary. But, at the end of the day, we all want to love and be loved. The big question is will it last?

Are you a Sagittarius in love with a Libra wondering if it will work? Here are the relationship rules to define Libra and Sagittarius compatibility.

Let’s start with the basics: the zodiac signs of each.

Libra Traits

Libras love balance and harmony, hence the reason why they are represented with the scale. They are ruled by Venus — the planet that governs love, beauty, money.

Libras are highly intelligent creatures who have exquisite taste. They are often designers, art critics, and stylists. They are people pleasers and like to keep everyone happy and engaged.

Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarians are on a quest for knowledge. They are often found traveling around the world seeking adventure.

Because of their adventurous spirit, they have great stories to tell and can light up a room with their storytelling and laughter. They often have many friends and keep them entertained with their wit and humor.

Although, because of their large personalities, they can often come off as pretentious or arrogant.

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Where They Click

Foodies, bookworms, extroverts, and great conversationalists are some of the traits that are shared by Libra and Sagittarius. This makes for fun and adventurous dates out on the town.

Sexual Intimacy

A Libra and Sagittarius relationship will be intense with sexual intimacy being a big part of the partnership. The goal of each partner is to satisfy each other. Time in the bedroom will often be spent experimenting and trying out new things. Often with a playful approach.

And if you’re thinking about kids, you will both have a more of a bohemian approach to parenting.


As long as they can keep their ego out of the picture, communication between Libra and Sagittarius is usually very good. They both like intellectual conversations and are often found discussing and critiquing different mediums of art.

One issue that can come up is Sagittarius may take action even if it’s not what Libra would have wanted. This can lead to resentful feelings.


When it comes to the emotional side of a relationship, this is one of the most compatible couples. When together, they find a balance that they both crave. Once in a committed relationship, Libra will create a safe and comfortable place for Sagittarius to come home to.

Where They Clash

It may be tempting to pull out the tarot cards to see what the future holds, but just like any relationship, it will take some work to make this work.


In the beginning, a Libra-Sagittarius relationship is fun, adventurous, and exciting. But, in order to escalate into a committed relationship, it’s going to take an adjustment on both sides.

The cautious Libra will need to take a leap of faith and speed up their decision making, while Sagittarius will need to learn to be patient. If they can manage to meet in the middle, the union will have a chance to stand the test of time.


While Sagittarius can be in a long term relationship, they do like to wander. This can cause some stress and anxiety for Libra.

Libra may start to worry that their partner doesn’t share the same ideals or values. All Sagittarius needs to do is show Libra that their affection is always directed at them. And Libra needs to understand Sagittarius’ wild and roaming heart.

Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility Outlook

A Libra and Sagittarius relationship can be successful as long as Sagittarius shows affection for Libra, and Libra is willing to trust Sagittarius. The intimacy will be amazing and fulfilling for both, and date night will always be fun and adventurous.

So, if you’re wondering about Libra and Sagittarius compatibility, we say go for it. And come check us out for any news or lifestyle advice you may need.

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