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It’s Never Too Late: Dating Tips for Finding Love After 50



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In 2017, there were 110.6 million unmarried Americans. Meanwhile, in 1960, 72% of American adults were married.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many single people enjoy their freedom and it’s even been suggested that staying single is better for your health.

In fact, single Americans may be unnecessarily pitied by many as they are making closer friendships, getting fit and healthy and even boosting their creativity.

But, if you’re in your 50s and have decided that you know who you are and what you want from another person, it may be time to get out there and meet a partner.

If you’re looking for love later on in life then you’re definitely not the only one. Read on for dating tips for finding love after 50.

1. Sign Up to Dating Apps

This is the first and most obvious choice for finding a new partner. If you’re technologically impaired, chat to your kids or friend’s kids.

They’ll definitely be willing to help you out with this unusual project, no matter how much of a moody teen they are.

In order to get great matches on dating apps, you need flattering pictures of yourself. Avoid group or family shots.

One of the best dating apps to consider when looking for a partner is OurTime. As there are hundreds of dating apps to try, stick to testing out one at a time.

Always remember, when heading out on dates, always stay safe. Tell a friend where you’re going and make sure you stay in a public place.

2. Join Exercise Classes

Most Americans are guilty of not getting enough exercise (in fact, only 23% of us do enough exercise every week!)

Why not kill two birds with one stone and start attending exercises classes to meet your next true love?

Yoga is a popular choice and is great for improving both your mental and physical health.

Not only will you be getting in shape, which helps attract partners, but you’ll also be meeting lots of new people in the process.

Better yet, this method of meeting people is also a lot less intimidating than going on blind dates if you’re just getting back into the dating world!

3. Find a New Hobby

Not an exercise person or don’t want to meet a partner who loves exercise? Choose to practice a hobby which suits you.

Were you once an avid painter? Pick up this hobby again! Head out to life drawing classes. Prefer chess? Get out and join (or start) a chess club.

Alternatively, you may want to start a hobby and learn about something you already love. For example, cooking or wine tasting.

Better yet, at a wine tasting, you’ll likely meet many older people (which young person has money for wine over vodka?) and you’ll likely find that a little wine does a lot for a new romance.

4. Practice Self-Acceptance to Attract Others

You know the old saying, “you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else”? Well, turns out it is pretty useful advice.

When you are kind and accepting of yourself, you are more likely to recognize someone who feels the same way about themselves.

Do you have a little way to go in order to accept and love yourself? Before you get into a new, serious relationship, why not try therapy?

By heading to a therapist’s office, or even by speaking to one online, you will be able to work on any issues you have and explore your past relationship mistakes.

If therapy isn’t for you, then turning to self-help books enables you to explore your mentality around relationships and reach a better understanding of what you’re looking for. But, make sure to check out the credentials of an author before you start reading.

5. Look Up That Old Fling

Feeling confident and loving yourself? It’s time to do something radical and get in touch with that old crush.

Avoid anyone who left your life for a good reason. But, if there is someone who you always fancied in college or worked with a few years ago, why not message them?

Perhaps they’re single. What’s the harm in trying? Alternatively, you could simply reconnect with old friends to branch out your social circles and meet new potential partners.

6. Leave Your Comfort Zone

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to meet someone new, it’s time to truly leave your comfort zone.

This involves going on nights out with friends to bars you wouldn’t normally be caught dead in. It involves asking out one of your colleagues even though it’s “risky”.

It even involves switching up your daily routine and starting a conversation with a stranger once EVERY day.

Yes, these are all uncomfortable but not only will they help you grow as a person and give you a funny story to tell at dinner parties, you’re also sure to meet new people.

7. Travel and Learn a New Language

Does it seem that all the Americans you’re meeting are total knuckleheads? Maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons and meet someone of a different nationality.

How do you meet someone of a different nationality? You woo them in their own language…

No, it’s never too late to learn a new language. By attending evening language classes, you could meet someone there. Alternatively, by learning French, you may be more encouraged to fly to Paris.

Not tempted by learning a language? Visit the UK, Ireland, Australia or other English-speaking countries to find someone you connect with.

It sounds far fetched, but even if you don’t meet someone, you will have had a fantastic holiday!

Travel, and especially solo-travel, is becoming more and more mainstream. In the spirit of leaving your comfort zone, why not…

  • Stay in hostels to meet a broad array of people (no, you’re not too old!)
  • Participate in a Workaway – this can help you experience a new culture and learn a new language quickly. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.
  • Go on Singles Cruises – sounds cringe? It may change your life.
  • Join tours of something you’re interested in – wine tour in Nice, anyone? How about a history tour of Berlin?

If you’re really determined to meet someone, consider moving abroad for some time during your retirement…

8. Ask Friends and Family for Help

Most of us don’t want our family and friends getting involved in our love lives, but sometimes they are the best people to help us find us a date.

Think about it, who knows you better than your friends and family? No one. So, every so often, accept a blind date.

Sure, it’ll be awkward but you’ll have a great story to tell at worst and at best, you’ll have a new date who already knows someone you love.

But, if you do find that your family and friends are only sending you on boring or strange dates, set them some ground rules.

For example, no one they work with, no one they haven’t spent at least a few hours with themselves and no one who only talks about themselves!


Losing the motivation to meet someone great and feeling resigned to spending your life with your favorite person in the world (see: yourself)?

Perhaps this is a wise choice. Many of us are often pushed into dating because of societal pressure, rather than the desire to meet someone new.

So, if you’ve tried it and decided it’s not for you. Then, stick to your guns! (But, be warned, you may find that it’s when you’re least expecting it that you turn around and fall in love.)

Alternatively, if you’re simply feeling fatigued, take a week off, do something YOU love and forget about meeting new people. Then, come back to the dating game refreshed and ready for another week of meeting someone new.

Our final tip is to head out to places to meet singles over 50. Such as:

  • Singles resorts
  • Book shops
  • Wine shops or even wine festivals
  • New restaurants and classy bars (depending on the type of person you want to meet, of course.)
  • Food festivals

Make sure to ask your friends where they met their new partners and how they got together for research purposes (and to be a good friend).

Finding Love After 50 Is Easy When You Know Where to Look

What’re you waiting for? Now you know how and where to begin finding love after 50, it shouldn’t be too hard to meet eligible singles in your area.

In the meantime, enjoy your new found hobbies, friends and self-confidence acquired by following all of the tips in this list!

Do you need more lifestyle tips to help you live your best life after fifty? Check our dedicated section.

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