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Love Is in The Air: Who Is Virgo Best Match for Marriage



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All around you, your friends are getting married and having children. Meanwhile, you feel like you’re constantly stuck in bad relationships that end in a horrible break up or even cheating. Everyone finds themselves in this situation at some point in their lives. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Many would tell you that it’s because you’re dating someone who isn’t compatible with your star sign. While you may think that this is all made up, there may be some truth in it to some degree.

While you have a lot of options if you’re a Virgo there are some signs that just don’t mesh with yours. Keep reading to find out the Virgo best match for marriage.

1. Great Matches for Virgo

There are a few matches that work better than any others in every single way. You could visit your Virgo daily horoscope to find them, but we did a little of the legwork for you. Here are a few of those great matches.


Virgo and Taurus share the same earth sign so they make great matches for each other. Virgos can be anxious and Taurus signs not only understand this but are also supportive of it. Taurus is a very stable sign so as a Virgo you won’t have to worry about them doing anything crazy.

Virgos also like things to go according to a step by step plan and this doesn’t stop at romance. They need someone who will be patient with them and Taurus is the sign for the job.


Virgos are gentle and sweet, which pairs well with Cancers who tend to be a bit more emotional. It’s easy for the Virgo to talk the Cancer down and keep them calm. Virgos are a bunch of perfectionists, but it’s okay because it makes Cancers feel more secure.

Additionally, Virgos are very affectionate and love feeling valued, and Cancers tend to show both traits when they’re in a relationship.


Scorpios are even more intense than Cancers so they tend to be fascinated and calmed by the rational Virgo. Unlike Cancers, Scorpios have fun trying to get a reaction out of a calm Virgo by playfully picking on them, embarrassing them, and just all around trying to ruffle them.

Scorpios and Virgos both value intelligence in a partner so their conversations are always mentally stimulating. These two signs also have similar parenting styles so they can usually raise their children with ease.

Both signs like for everything to be perfect, so problems do occur when the two in question have a different idea of what perfection is.

2. Bad Matches for Virgo

Now that you know what the best matches for Virgos are, here are a few signs that should have you running in the opposite direction if you want to avoid heartbreak.


The traits that Virgos share don’t mesh well with other Virgos. They’re perfectionists and workaholics. So while they can be friends and work amazingly as business partners, they don’t work too well in a romantic setting.


Aries and Virgo are two signs that tend to attract each other and looks great in theory but in practice, not so much. Aries signs can’t take criticism or nagging, both things that Virgos tend to do a lot.

Aries also have really poor impulse control which has Virgos in a constant state of either anxiety or frustration because they plan out everything before they do it.


Usually, opposites attract, but in the case of Leos and Virgos, they do not. Virgos are calm, Leos are eccentric. Leos are very prideful whereas Virgos tend to be critical. Eventually, they just get on each other’s nerves to the point of breaking it off.


Libra is another match where they will just get on the Virgo’s last nerve. In fact, these two signs usually never become attracted to each other at all. Libras are sociable and extroverted where Virgos are more introverted.

A lot of times, Virgos become uncomfortable by PDA whereas Libras have no problem with it.


Aquarius and Virgo signs can get along in terms of meeting each other on an intellectual level but as far as anything else, they just bring out the worst in each other.

These two signs have a different approach with how they handle life so if they want to be in a relationship with each other, they have to make a lot of adjustments.

3. Hit or Misses

There are a few signs that can either be beautifully good or horribly bad when paired with a Virgo. Those two signs are Pisces and Gemini.


Pisces is the exact opposite of a Virgo, but unlike Libras and Leos, Virgos get along famously with them and are typically irresistibly drawn to them. This is because Virgos find Pisces fascinating and vice versa.

However, Pisces are more laid back and Virgos try to juggle a lot of responsibility at once. While they can sort of balance each other out, if they don’t try to attempt to learn from each other it will end badly in a heart-wrenching kind of way. It will take a while for one to get over the other and move on.


A Virgo’s relationship with a Gemini is a bit of a gamble, to say the least. While they both tend to think logically toward a situation, one will handle said situation in a completely different way than the other, which can lead to fighting.

Geminis and Virgos also have two different ideas on how to spend money. Virgos are more responsible with it whereas Geminis are more likely to drop cash on random whimsy. This again leads to fighting.

Even so, the two signs share a lot of the same interests which can lead to some of the best conversations they could ever have.

Messy, Great, and in Between: Your Guide to Virgo Best Match for Marriage

It’s tricky trying to find the person that you can spend the rest of your life with. So when in doubt, look to your star sign. As a Virgo, there are just more signs that you pair well with than others. Check out these Virgo best match for marriage examples to find your ideal partner.

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