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Employees, Get to Work! 9 Effective Ways to Improve Work Performance



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Are your employees waning a little bit?

If you’re experiencing a period of low employee productivity, it’s time to start thinking about ways to improve work performance.

This could be a little bit painful, though, because for them to improve, you may have to as well. It’s not out of the question that a boss’ behavior can negatively impact how employees feel and act in the workplace. In fact, this happens all the time.

This isn’t to say that this is you by any means. There are a lot of little ways you can impact your employee outcome that focuses on them and how their work should be done.

We’ve compiled a little list of ways to improve your employee productivity and get back on track.

Ways to Improve Work Performance

Every office is different, so some of these may not apply to yours. That said, keep an open mind and consider using some of the following methods to get your employees back in gear.

1. Ask Them What Would Help

You can start the process by getting a feel for what your employee’s value and what would make them more excited to work.

This is a good opportunity to put the feels out and see who actually cares about the work you’re doing! Send out a questionnaire or sit down with people individually and ask them what they would like out of the office.

Also, ask them what sorts of things motivate them and how they see themselves as members of the office. This might mean changing benefits packages or pay rates in some cases. Get a feel for how you can make your employees feel like valued members of a team which works toward things they care about.

2. Give to Charity

This might seem counterintuitive but bear with us.

Employees who feel as though the company they work for does good for the world are proud to infuse their role as an employee into their identity. This makes them more excited to show up, work hard, and get things done.

It helps more if the charity or group you’re giving to is one that has been selected by your employees. This shows that you care about their interests and values, and gives them another reason to work hard.

3. Incentivize

There are all kinds of ways to incentive employees to get work done. You can place goals as objectives that, if met, warrant a monetary reward.

Having benchmarks in place employees can work through is always a good way to get people working and reward them for the work they’ve done.

4. Identify Distractions

Some of the productivity issues could be due to very identifiable elements in your workplace.

Whether it’s a disruptive employee, workplace drama, or computer games it’s important you find these things if they’re causing problems.

Do some office recon and find out what could be limiting productivity. If there’s a clear issue, do what you need to in order to eliminate it. It could even be a harmless thing your employees were afraid to bring up to you.

5. Tune Up Your Equipment

One reason you’re falling behind could be the software and technology you’re using is outdated.

Look around and see how your computer software holds up to the industry standards and see if you can find space in the budget to upgrade. Additionally, see if your time clock technology is up to date.

People could be using old or outdated timeclock technology to take extra breaks and appear to be working when they’re not. Make sure everything in your office is functioning well enough for your employees to operate and stay in check.

Your intranet technology may need an upgrade, too — people need to be able to communicate effectively through technology.

6. Build Your Team Spirit

Get people working together and help them acknowledge the fact that all their work affects everyone else in the office.

Once people begin to lean on each other and see their work as an extension of someone else’s and visa versa, they’ll begin to hold themselves accountable for what they do. Additionally, coworkers aren’t going to allow one person to slack while other people work harder.

This all starts when you bring your team together and start making things a little more familiar.

7. Spend More Time Training

Employees aren’t going to work to their full potential if they don’t fully know how to do their jobs.

Poor training contributes to a lot of loss in the marketplace and prevents employees from doing their best. Additionally, when someone doesn’t feel like they’re doing a good job, they’re less likely to put effort into a project.

8. Would They Work Better at Home?

Consider the option of telecommuting if the work being done could be done from home. Some people are more productive at home while others aren’t.

Sure, everyone will want to have the option of working from home but you’ll have to give them the chance to prove what they can do. With that said, some people might thrive and be a great deal more productive.

9. Consider a Different Approach

If you’re having problems getting your employees to respond to any of the options above, it may be time to take a step back and rethink some things.

Why aren’t they responding? Is it the work? Or is there something you could be doing better as a boss to make connections with them?

A heavy-handed management style works really well for some workplaces and industries. Other industries are better served with a light approach to employee discipline and management.

If you feel like you may be too hard on your employees, lay back a little and see how it changes their productivity.

Stay Up on Management Tactics

Finding ways to improve work performance can be extremely difficult. Once it happens, though, all that hard work pays off.

Other elements of the workplace can be difficult, too, and we’ve got advice for you when you need it. Whether it’s getting your staff to be more productive or getting a job in the first place, visit our site to learn more.

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