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Making Your Mark: Why Professional Branding is a Must For Yourself and Your Company



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What if you’re the best in the business but no one knows it?

The truth is that success in business isn’t just about being good at what you do. It’s actually about making sure everyone else knows how good you are.

The key to making this happen is professional branding. However, many people don’t understand why branding is a must for them and their company.

Keep reading to discover why branding is an absolute must!

“Yes, And…”

Want to hear the four words that actually kill most careers? Here they are: “that’s not my job.”

You will often be asked to take on new responsibilities at work. And some of them are going to be outside of your comfort zone.

It’s tempting to simply say “no” and stick with what you know. But your career really grows when you start to say “yes.”

You will quickly establish a reputation as someone who is willing to help out. Furthermore, you will develop many new skills that will help you climb the corporate ladder or even strike out on your own.

The Write Stuff

Sometimes, the best branding ideas are the classic ones. Want others to know about your brand? Then you need to write about yourself.

You might consider self-publishing a printed book. Or you can go a bit more modern and create an online “e-text.”

If you’re building a business, such a text can help you build a following. For instance, you can offer a free e-text to anyone who signs up for your mailing list.

This creates a nice “one-two” punch of brand building. The text establishes your authority and knowledge. Then the mailing list shows how you are a source of constant tips and strategies.

Inject Personality

Many people think that building a brand starts with making really major moves. However, it can start with something as small as letting your personality show.

Whether you work for others or for yourself, many people start off wanting to “blend in.” They are afraid to show their personality in fear of seeming weird and strange to clients, employees, or even their boss.

However, “blending in” by definition means you are not memorable. Try to stand out.

Are you a big comic book fan? Frame some comics and put them on your office walls.

Big 80’s fan? Go ahead and hang those wall graphics up. You can read more now about how easy this is.

You’ll be more memorable and be having more fun. And pretty soon, showing personality leads to having a brand.

Problem-Solving Specialist

Nowadays, a quick path to success means advertising yourself online. That’s why it’s important to have a personal website and a LinkedIn account.

However, it’s a crowded sea of sites and accounts. How can you stand out from the competition in a compelling way?

One of the best ways to stand out and build your brand is to advertise what kinds of problems you solve. And this means possibly reevaluating how clients see you.

At the end of the day, clients are people with problems. And they are looking for those with the tools to solve those problems.

By getting very specific about what you do, you will attract the clients who need you the most. Along the way, you’ll help brand yourself as a specialist.

Presentation Master

Everyone has some bad memories about professional conferences. However, these remain some of the best places to build up your brand.

These conferences are attended by some of the best in your business. That’s why everyone tries to network at conferences whenever possible.

By giving a presentation, you show the best in the business what you have to offer. And you have a captive audience, giving you a real chance to impress.

Another way to think about this is that conferences are usually attended by upper-level employees. If you impress them with a presentation, they will tell the rest of their company when they return home.

In this way, your reputation and your brand both build.

YouTube Stardom

Many people dislike Youtube. And to be fair, many YouTubers are loud and crass. However, plenty of people now make a living simply making Youtube videos.

Why is this? Simple: Youtube has such a large audience that it is like TV 2.0. And those who build a loyal online following are the new “stars” of the modern age.

Sometimes, online success leads to offline success. Just check out these internet brands that turned into physical stores.

Now, you aren’t going to become a Youtube star overnight. But Youtube is still a great way share what you know with a wider audience.

Also, these videos are very easy for others to share via social media. And those who like your video can “subscribe” to your channel and get new vids whenever you upload them.

Keep in mind that good Youtube videos are like good e-texts. Build your brand by focusing on how you can help your customers! Keep in mind demographics like Millennials enjoy videos and products that are aspirational.

Narrow Your Demographic

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t put the cart in front of the horse. Or do they?

Many professionals focus all of their energies on creating an amazing product or service. However, they often don’t stop and ask the big question: “just who are my customers?”

If you own a business, it’s vitally important to understand your demographic. And it’s worth investing in things like CRM software that help you learn more about their buying habits.

Think of your product or service as a “work in progress.” As you learn more about your demographic, you can tweak what you sell to better suit their needs.

Believe it or not, this is one of the simplest secrets to building your brand. Customers notice when you are constantly improving what you sell, and it makes them want to share your brand with others.

Professional Branding: The Bottom Line

Now you know more about professional branding and how it can help you. But do you know how to get more news you can use?

Here at CBS News 8, we are devoted to bringing you news that will improve your business and quality of life. For more business tips, check out our money archive today!

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