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Incorporating Vehicle Wraps in Your Marketing Strategy

Originally posted on You’ve tried blogging, creating video content, and connecting with potential customers on social media. More>>

Stop in the Name of the Law: States with the Most Failures to Stop

You can run (a red light), but you can’t hide (from the law). More>>

Drifting Lessons UK: Learn to Drift Like a Pro

Originally posted on Unlike regular school, which almost certainly was not high-octane, let alone fun and potentially dangerous, drift... More>>

What Is Frame Damage? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Originally posted on Whether you get scraped or god forbid, suffer a near-fatal accident, car collisions happen. An average driver will experience one every 17.9 years. More>>

How Can You Increase Security, Reduce Guard Expenses and Protect Your Bottom Line?

Originally posted on Out In Your Complete Guide to Securing Your Car Dealership According to... More>>

Car Paint | Your Auto Body Paint Tells Who You are

Originally posted on Your Car Body Paint Can Speak!Okay, you can drive around in your dream car. Which car would you choose? Would you choose the handsome Ferrari or the elegant... More>>

Used Cars For Sale | Buy Used Car Under $5000 At Government Seized Car Auction

Originally posted on Buy Used Cars For Sale Buying used cars for sale that are in good condition is a dream for many that do not have a big budget to buy a new car. There... More>>

Oz Leasing Acquires First Exclusive Leasing Partnership with Tesla

Originally posted on In an exclusive deal, Tesla, Inc. has offered Oz Leasing a one-of-a-kind leasing partnership. The Tesla Model S is now available for lease only at Oz... More>>

The Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World

Originally posted on With all the different motorcycle brands out there, how do you know which is the best? The open road, the wind in your face, and a piece of... More>>

Top 5 Best Ways to Sell a Motorcycle

Originally posted on So you’ve decided to sell your motorcycle. Or maybe you’re just exploring your options on how you will sell your bike when the times comes. More>>

4 Reasons Why Cross-Country Car Shipping Is the Best Option

Originally posted on Relocating to a different province within Canada is a bit more complex than simply planning a road trip across the country. In... More>>

5 Creative Van Shelving Ideas to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Storage Space

Originally posted on In 2015, 141,872 commercial vehicles took to the roads performing all kinds of... More>>

Safety on Two Wheels: The 5 Best Tips to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident Today

Originally posted on If you own a motorcycle, you know that the thrill of riding one doesn’t compare to being... More>>

Free License Plate Number Lookup

Originally posted on Online Free License Plate Number Lookup For the last several decades people have had to visit the DMV and take a number. Then wait in line... More>>

How Is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

Originally posted on Here in New York we have a comparative fault rule, which means that each person’s fault is... More>>

Is New York a No-Fault Insurance State? What Does That Mean?

Originally posted on Yes. New York is a No-Fault state. This means that we have a system of rules in place to make sure that people... More>>

4 Ways GPS Tracking Cameras can Reduce the High Cost of a Truck Accident

Originally posted on The fleet industry specifically has a higher-than-average truck accident rate, with many of those incidents involving fatalities. Trucks have a... More>>

Trolley Bus Rental Dallas Fort Worth

Originally posted on We are Dallas Fort Worth’s Premier Trolley Bus Service More>>

7 Car Noises: What They Mean and What You Should Do

Originally posted on It could be a bang, a clank, a rattle, or that funny noise you can’t describe, cars and trucks have a unique... More>>

Love Cars and Money?: Here Are the Highest Paying Automotive Jobs

Originally posted on You love cars, and you would like to work in a job you love. Everything makes sense so far. More>>

Car Hunting? Here Are 7 of the Most Practical Cars of 2019

What’s the most valued feature for new car buyers? Safety, fuel efficiency, cost? Could be all of those things. If you’re looking for a new car for 2019, one feature you may value above all others might be... More>>

How to Choose the Right Eco-Friendly Vehicle

The age of gasoline is on its way out, and what with the state of the environment, we can’t say we’re sorry. The car industry is working to improve eco-friendly vehicle options every day, and it’s predicted... More>>

7 Important Safety Tips for New Drivers

You’ve got a license to drive and the freedom that comes with it. But before you set your sights on the open road, take a minute to learn the best tips for new drivers. Driving comes with great responsibility—to... More>>

Assuming a Lease: The Pros and Cons of Lease Takeover

Originally posted on you looking to get a new car? Leasing could be a much better option for you than buying. More>>

How Can I Best Maintain My Windshield Wipers?

Originally posted on When it comes to car maintenance, it’s often the little details that matter most. Your windshield wipers are certainly... More>>

5 Of The Most Commonly Overlooked Car Maintenance Issues

Originally posted on Caught up in the day-to-day flow of life, it’s easy to overlook certain aspects of automotive maintenance –... More>>

DIY: 3 Easy Car Maintenance Jobs Anyone Can Do

Originally posted on Cars may seem complex to the uninitiated, but if you dedicate some time and patience to understanding how they... More>>

Custom SUV Limousines – 7 Reasons to Build an SUV

Originally posted on Custom SUV limousines are gaining in popularity. While at one point, they were rare due to higher fuel costs, they’re making a comeback and... More>>

The Right Way to Buy Used Trucks Online

Originally posted on You’re in desperate need of a used truck for your business or individual use. More>>

The Importance of Building & Maintaining Auto Credit

Originally posted on More>>

Buckle Up: States with the Most Car Accidents

You’ve been taught to keep your eyes on the road, never drive drowsy, and leave your phone on silent. However, while this may come as common sense to you, some drivers in these states could apparently use a few reminders. More>>

Who Is at Fault in a Multiple Car Accident?

Originally posted on Car accidents cost an estimated $518 billion all over the world. In some countries, that’s up to 2% of their gross domestic product or GDP. More>>

Exploring the Benefits: Why You Should Buy a Ford Explorer

Originally posted on In 2018, car makers and dealerships in the United States sold more than 17 million vehicles. What’s more, over... More>>

Your Complete Overview Of The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Originally posted on With 585,581 Silverados sold last year, it is one of the top selling trucks in the US. This gives us high hopes for the 2019... More>>

Size Matters: Is a Small or Large Air Compressor Right for You?

You need an air compressor and aren’t sure where to start. What size do you need? What is the best cubic feet per minute (CFM)? When you start searching for a large air compressor, it is obvious that there are tons of... More>>

What Is a Multimeter and What Does It Do?

Originally posted on To check your battery voltage with any accuracy you need a multimeter tool. The multimeter measures the amount of... More>>

The Honda Passport: Your Ticket to Adventure and Back

Originally posted on The Honda Passport is back with a vengeance and ready to show the mid-sized five seat segment how it’s done. The Ford... More>>

How Do I Take Care of My Car After an Accident?

Originally posted on A major concern for anyone who’s been involved in a car accident caused by another driver is their damaged vehicle. In the... More>>

Just Keep Going: The Importance of Diesel Engine Maintenance

In most areas of life, it’s easier to take measures to prevent a problem than it is to fix it. You don’t have to go to your annual dental exams. But would you rather skip them in favor of needing an emergency... More>>

Durashield Titan: A Deep Dive into Its Top Performance Benefits

Originally posted on Road hazards. Airborne hazards. Stains. Surface pollutants. More>>

The Great Debate: To Buy or to Lease?

Originally posted on When it comes to buying a car, buyers have two choices: Buy or lease. More>>

The Best Cold Call Script

Originally posted on“Cold Calling is Hard” – Everyone Ever (Probably)Types of Cold Calls Cold calling gets a bad rap, especially in the automotive industry.... More>>

How to Take Care of Your Toyota Corolla

Originally posted on: Beginner’s Guide to Toyota Corolla Car Maintenance The exciting part of buying a car is always the purchase. The less exciting but no less... More>>

Understanding Your Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Originally posted on Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to pay cheaper insurance premiums? The truth is that insurance coverage is not “one size fits all” and you... More>>

What Car Dealerships Need To Know About Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimisation

Originally posted on Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO if you want to sound fancy) isn’t anything new. Infact, it’s been... More>>

“Should I Sell My Car?” 7 Signs It’s Time to Give It Up

Originally posted on Is the love you have for your car blinding you to its depreciating value? More>>

How Can I Get Pain and Suffering Compensation After a Car Accident in New York?

Originally posted on New York is a “no-fault” state. This means that the legislature has set up a system of rules to... More>>

When To Get An Attorney For A Car Accident

Originally posted on Have you recently been in a car accident? More>>

GVWR: Payload, Trailer Weight, & Why It Matters

Originally posted on We often get questions about payload, trailer weight, how to determine the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR or... More>>

What Are The Different Types Of Wrenches And What Do They Do?

  Eighty-four percent of 18 to 34-year-olds are willing to take on do-it-yourself projects to save money but what do they actually know about hammers, power tools, or wrenches? As a matter of fact, what types of... More>>

Thinkware F800 Pro vs Blackvue DR750s

Originally posted on recent months, savvy consumers have been avidly debating about the latest two-channel dash cams on the market. It’s a... More>>

Horoscope Hysteria: Aries are the WORST Drivers, Leos are the BEST

Now that Mercury’s out of retrograde, you can rest assured that your life will get back to normal (or, at least, back to relative normality). But will your driving improve? More>>

How to Remove Engine Deposits?

Originally posted on: Stoplight to stoplight acceleration can give you a sense of how well your engine is performing with a seat of the pants kind... More>>

What is Accident Forgiveness and Who Offers It?

Originally posted on A car accident can not only be disastrous for your vehicle, but also for you wallet. An accident can cause your car insurance rates to... More>>

Conquest vs. Retention List for Automotive Campaigns

‘ Originally posted on  As an automotive dealer, it’s often difficult picking which is better in the conquest vs. retention debate. More>>

This Before You Buy: The Top Tips for Buying a Used Truck

Originally posted on: Did you know that when you buy a new car that same car can be worth as little as 40% of its original price after five years? More>>

Strap in: Cities with the Most Accidents

These cities are on a collision course for the most accident-prone communities in America. More>>

Drive Fast? These 10 States Have a Major Speeding Problem

When you're in a hurry to reach your destination, sometimes it's tempting to just hit the gas and disregard speed limits. More>>

Escaping the Snow: 7 Tips to Know When You Ship Cars to Florida

Originally posted on: Driving a car across the country can be time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive. Especially if you’re driving long distances. This is where... More>>

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Originally posted on: In 2015, 32 million people experienced common car ailments – dead battery, flat tire, and the like. More>>

Choosing Between a Sedan or an SUV

Originally posted on So you’re getting ready to buy a car. We know the struggle. Choosing between a sedan and an SUV is an age-old struggle that car owners... More>>

What in the World Are Virtual Showrooms?

 Everything You Need to Know About the Pros & Cons of Virtual Showrooms Virtual showrooms seem to be a trend of the not-so-distant future, and auto dealerships should be wary of this upcoming trend. More>>

5 Easy Ways To Customize Your Cadillac

  A Cadillac is a truly American luxury car. But despite its legendary status, it’s named after a Frenchman. A French army officer with the last name Cadillac founded the city now known as Detroit, Michigan. The... More>>

6 Brilliant Reasons Why a Truck Driving Career May Be For You

Originally posted on   Are you thinking of pursuing a truck driving career but not sure whether you’re making a... More>>

3 Tips for Effortless Automobile Shipping

Originally posted on   Are you planning to ship a car but not sure how to go about it? Maybe you’re relocating from one coast to... More>>

The Luxury Car Owner’s Guide to Cross Country Auto Transport

You’ve got your boxes packed, your affairs in order, and you’re ready to hop on the plane to your new home. But wait, what about the car? People often forget that you can’t always just drive your car... More>>

Most Drivers Say "0 Stars" to Rideshare. So, Who's in the Backseat?

You're traveling home after a night out. Do you take an Uber, Lyft, or taxi? For most American drivers, the go-to answer is “none of the above.” More>>

Highway to the Danger Zone: States with the Worst Drivers

Some states lead the country in GDP or tourism, but which should be known for their bad drivers? More>>

Danger on the Roads? States with the Most Repeat Driving Offenses

For some drivers, perhaps the third chance is the charm. It’s no secret that American states differ in their driving behavior. But which have the most re-offenders and what kind of charges are they racking up? More>>

Land of the Freeway: Most Popular Cars by State

Though we don’t all agree on our favorite car, the states are quite united when it comes to vehicle loyalty. More>>

Give it a Brake: The 10 Speediest States in America

By many measures, speediness is the American way. More>>

Driving Drunk: States with the Most DUIs

Intoxicated drivers get behind the wheel every day in the United States. But which states see the highest rates of DUI? More>>

Super Bowl Smackdown 2019: Who's Watching? Who's Driving?!

These results are giving a whole new meaning to “drive.” More>>

That's Entertainment: Media Preferences among American Drivers

Could our media consumption preferences correlate with how we behave on the road? More>>

This Car Color Insurance Myth is Getting Busted Once and for All

Your car’s color can be a practical choice, an expression of your individuality, or even a chromatic extension of your personal brand. But can it be an indicator of your driving behavior? More>>

IPhone vs. Android: The Ultimate Driving Smackdown!

Calling all drivers—does your cell phone type correlate with your driving habits? More>>

Home is Where the Car Is: Top 10 States for Domestic and Foreign Car Brands

The auto industry is rife with competition on an international scale. More>>

Sick of Long Commutes? These Cities Have the Worst Traffic

No matter how you do it—by car, rail, or foot—commuting can be a hassle. More>>

Drunk Driving Capitals of the U.S.

Drunk driving has, overall, subsided as a national habit. More>>

The 10 Most Stolen Cars in America

With the national car theft rate at a near-fifty-year low, car owners may not always take theft statistics into account when choosing a new or pre-owned vehicle. More>>

These 10 States are in Dire Need of Road Repair

The least we can expect from our roads is functionality. More>>

Car Theft Capitals of the U.S.

Check your pockets—do you have your keys on you? More>>

The 10 States with the Highest Percentage of Hybrid or Electric Vehicles

Alternative fuel vehicles were once considered a toy for the rich, but today they’ve become more commonplace, with over half a million hybrid and electric vehicles sold in 2017.


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