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How to Get Perfect Teeth

Originally Posted On: Having perfect teeth is vital to many people living in and around Columbus, Ohio. After all, we live in the age of celebrity image... More>>


Originally Posted On: number of people who believe the Top 3 Myths about CBD may surprise you. No matter who you are, an experienced CBD user or... More>>


Originally Posted On: Music is an art that is shared by almost everyone in the world. It is literally a universal language and the use of sound to communicate and... More>>

What Are the Most Common Co-Occurring Disorders With Substance Abuse?

Originally Posted On: of the most common co-occurring disorders found in chemically dependent people include mood and... More>>

How to Help Your Addicted Teen

Originally Posted On: Having a teen who is addicted to drugs is heartbreaking, but you can help her get well again. Helping a teen get... More>>

Mens Addiction Treatment Centers

Originally Posted On: Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Although certain circumstances can increase... More>>

Heroin and Cocaine: What is a Speedball?

Originally Posted On: If you mix heroin and cocaine, you create a speedball, the street name of the dangerous mixture. Speedballing occurs when you inject... More>>

Xanax and Alcohol: A Dangerous Cocktail

Originally Posted On: Xanax is a benzodiazepine that you may take to suppress your central nervous system. If you are taking Xanax, it may be that you have... More>>

CBD Study Reveals That Over Half Of Those Taking It Have Better Sleep and Less Anxiety

Originally Posted On: Alternative medicine has come a long way in recent years and Cannabidiol (CBD) appears to be leading the way. Natural... More>>

Meth Paranoia and Domestic Violence Rates

Originally Posted On: Methamphetamine is a highly addictive, long-lasting chemical substance that affects the central... More>>

Why Should I Consider Facial Trauma Treatment After Injury?

Originally Posted On: If you’ve sustained injuries to the face, you might be wondering “Why... More>>

5 Most Unusual Products with CBD We Want to Try Right Now

Originally Posted On: CBD has enjoyed a rapid rise to fame, so much so that companies are pushing the boundaries of what they can... More>>

Brace Yourself: What Parents Need to Know About Braces For Teens

Originally Posted On: What’s the first thing you notice about a person? Almost 30% of people say that the first... More>>

JAK Inhibitors: How This New Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Works

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease, meaning it’s caused by an overactive immune system. Instead of just attacking harmful viruses and bacteria, an immune system with RA attacks your synovium—the protective... More>>

First Opioid Treatment Medication Unit in Ohio Opens Monday by Pinnacle Treatment Centers

Originally Posted On:’s Georgetown Treatment Services to deliver increased options and ease of access for rural Brown... More>>

Ob/Gyns Share Common Myths About Sex After Menopause

By the time you reach menopause, you might think you know everything there is to know about maintaining your sexual health. However, menopause brings some unique changes, and there are some misunderstandings about how... More>>

Mobility medical equipment – solutions to your mobility issues

It’s not something we think about much day to day. Walking, bending, getting out of a chair, having a relaxing sit at home are all daily activities we take for granted, until something happens. Whether that something... More>>

Independent Healthcare Consolidation in America – What Is It, How Does It Work and Why Is It Happening?

Originally Posted On: Rise of Independent Healthcare Consolidation in America The healthcare... More>>

Medication Treatment Options for Alcohol Use Disorder

Originally Posted On: Alcohol dependency doesn’t always get the serious attention it warrants. From its use with other... More>>

More Than a Fall: Slip and Fall Cases that Require Representation

Originally Posted On: Fewer things are as disheartening to both a company and an employee as an injury at work.... More>>


Originally Posted On: Getting a car accident settlement for a child that is involved in an accident with you is possible, and it will require a little clear... More>>


Originally Posted On: You might think your car accident couldn’t get any worse. Unfortunately, you’re wrong! After a... More>>


Originally Posted On: Getting injured at work is no fun for anyone involved. The employer has to deal with liability concerns, for one thing. For the employee, there are a lot of... More>>

8 Reasons to Start Your Addiction Recovery Today

Originally Posted On: two people experience addiction in the same way, which means it can be difficult to know when to seek treatment.... More>>

Heroin Addiction Rehab

Originally Posted On: If heroin addiction has taken control over your life, it is time to find outside intervention. A heroin addiction rehab center could help you get... More>>

The Symptoms and Health Risks of Sleep Apnea

Originally Posted On: Many people find themselves feeling fatigued throughout the day, even though they believe they have had a good night’s... More>>


Originally Posted On: Well, isn’t this easier said than done. Even if the thought is there, the idea of actually getting up and being able to do any form... More>>

Couples Who Sleep Together are Healthier

Originally Posted On: Do you often find that you and your partner sleep apart? Perhaps his snoring drives you crazy? Maybe you think she hogs the covers and so... More>>

Could Using Probiotics for Weight Loss Be Effective??

Originally Posted On: About half of Americans say they are trying to shed some pounds according to a recent survey. Can probiotics help with weight loss? This is a question... More>>

10 Ways to Make Your Holiday a Little More Mediterranean

You’ve already heard the praises about the Mediterranean diet and how it may improve your health and reduce your risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. The emphasis on whole foods, fiber-rich produce... More>>

Reconstructive Surgery for Breast Cancer: What a Surgeon Wants You to Know

Whether or not a woman chooses to reconstruct her breast(s) during or after breast cancer surgery is 100% a personal decision. Some women may see the absence of a breast or a difference in the look of their breasts as a... More>>

Mental Health After Hurricane Maria: Implications for the Climate Crisis

It’s already well known that natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires can cause trauma. The combination of losing loved ones, homes, possessions, and a general sense of stability can result in sadness, hopelessness,... More>>

Raising a Child with ADHD: 5 Important Parenting Strategies

Behavioral parent training programs, which are often part of a multimodal treatment approach for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have been used for many years and have been found to be very... More>>

Why Your Kid’s Appointments May Start with a Suicide Screening

If you’re taking your 11-year-old son to the emergency room after they hurt their ankle during a baseball game, you might be surprised to hear the doctor ask if he has ever had thoughts of suicide. While the question might... More>>

Live Well with Multiple Sclerosis: 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tweaks Video included

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is not a curable condition, but it’s a manageable one. With the right MS treatment and lifestyle habits, people with MS can change or slow the course of the disease, manage symptoms, treat MS... More>>

Colorectal Cancer, Explained in Under Two MInutes Video included

Colorectal cancer may not get as much attention as lung cancer or breast cancer, but it’s actually the third most common type of cancer in both men and women, according to the American Cancer Society. Thankfully, a recent... More>>

6 Big Mistakes That increase the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Exposure Video included

Carbon monoxide can be deadly to humans and animals—and to make it worse, it has no color or odor to tip you off. On average, over 10,000 people per year are hospitalized from carbon monoxide exposure, and over 430 people... More>>

The Main Types of Psoriatic Arthritis + How They Affect the Body Video included

Psoriatic arthritis, or PsA, is an inflammatory type of arthritis, which sets it apart from the more traditional and well-known osteoarthritis. PsA is a chronic and autoimmune disease, meaning it’s caused by an overactive... More>>

Master Your Medicine: 3 Ways Your Doctor Can Lower Your Medication Cost Video included

Following a treatment plan prescribed by your doctor is undoubtedly important. It gives you the best opportunity to manage your condition and maintain the best possible health for yourself. But what do you do if you can’t... More>>

The Importance of Rehabilitation During Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Video included

The goals of head and neck cancer treatment are to control the disease and to help the patient return to normal activities as soon as possible after treatment. An important part of treating head and neck cancer is... More>>

How Eric Adams Is Advocating for Plant-Based Diets in Brooklyn Video included

It’s not unheard of for a politician to promote healthier lifestyles for their constituents, but perhaps no city leader does this with quite as much passion and urgency as Eric Adams, the Borough President of Brooklyn, NY.... More>>

Why Exercise Is Essential for Treating and Preventing Osteoporosis Video included

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, adding exercise to your treatment regimen may seem a little daunting—and counterintuitive. You may be thinking: If my bones are fragile, shouldn’t I be *avoiding* physical activity?


What's Palliative Care? Key Facts Patients and Caregivers Should Know Video included

Getting diagnosed with a serious illness affects more than a person’s physical health. It can touch multiple areas of their life, including their emotional well-being, finances, and social and spiritual life. A patient’s... More>>

6 rules to make your daily coffee healthier

For about five calories a cup, black coffee is a great option if you’re gulping down four cups a day. But let’s be real: How many people really prefer their coffee black?


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