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Bill Maddox post record return on Gold and WTI

Calgary, Nov 5, 2019 ( - Posts near-record returns at his position as a senior institutional commodities trader. Bill has been with Blankenship and Rhienhardt Advisory for nearly 14 years, he has... More>>

"SafeTheReef" Charity Campaign Aims to Match the Environmental Influencing Power of Greta Thunberg

New York City, Nov 11, 2019 ( - Some people believe that charities create good karma in the world. That is what one penny stock trader and philanthropist named Timothy Sykes wanted to do with his... More>>

Mega Upgrades for PlayBox Neo Range

Brookmans Park, Nov 10, 2019 ( - The Mega version of each product is described by PlayBox Technology Chief Operating Office Phillip Neighbour as "an evolutionary upgrade" designed to make the... More>>

World's 1st C-shark Tank in Singapore Feb 20 2020

Singapore, Nov 8, 2019 ( - she1K launches C-shark Tank Feb 20, 2020 More>>

Nextologies Launches New Operation in Dubai Media City

Dubai, Nov 6, 2019 ( - Nextologies Limited has taken another major leap forward in its global expansion plans by setting up an operation in UAE.  Located in Dubai Media City, a significant hub for... More>>

Accomplished Designer Launches One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Brand

Buffalo, Nov 7, 2019 ( - Mark Berman proudly announces the launch of One by Mark Owen, one-of-a-kind-jewelry. Precious metals and exotic gemstones and other rarities are crafted into the... More>>

The Lover Boy Jonathan Scott is here with his R-B Soul Single 'Let Me Tell You_1st mix'

Little Rock, Nov 6, 2019 ( - Music can be sensual and that is demonstrated with skills in the new song that is trending already on Soundcloud for months. The... More>>

Rising Superstar "Ana Vee" Gets Praise From Pop Icon Janet Jackson and More

West Hollywood, Nov 7, 2019 ( - International Pop Icon Janet Jackson has made it official... Ana Vee's debut single "Hawai'i" is a smash hit.  Janet Jackson, while preparing for the "Janet State of... More>>

Levolution - Second Token Burn Event November 12th, 2019

Grand Cayman, Nov 8, 2019 ( - Levolution's previous token burn event showed much success, bringing the company one step closer to the completion of its MVP. As the second token burning event... More>>

Pop-Up Cycling Event Receives Global Innovation Award

Worcester, Nov 8, 2019 ( - Cube Management wins international recognition for StreetVelodrome at the World Leisure Organisation Expo 2019 More>>

Micayla De Ette Releases Her New Single "WRITE A SONG", Featuring Flavor Flav

Los Angeles, Nov 8, 2019 ( - Singer/songwriter Micayla De Ette releases her single "Write a Song" featuring rapper Flavor Flav. More>>

MEI Wet Processing Exhibiting at SEMICON EUROPA 2019

Albany, Nov 7, 2019 ( - MEI Wet Processing, LLC., a leading provider of application services and solutions for high tech industries such as: LED, Wireless, Power, MEMS, WLP, Data Storage, Logic... More>>

CBD Business Media Announces Launch of Preeminent B2B Media Network

Los Angeles, Nov 7, 2019 ( - CBD Business Media, poised to become the leader in b2b news and information for the rapidly expanding CBD Industry, launches to serve the growing demand for reliable... More>>

How To Prevent Burnout In The Workplace

Toronto, Nov 6, 2019 ( - Burnout is real. I don't care who you are, where you are from, or what you do. You could be the most resilient, persistent, and strong person in the world. Burnout will... More>>

Holiday Shop Footnanny At The Workshop At Macy's Online Boutique

Beverly Hills, Nov 4, 2019 ( - Footnanny was one of this year's featured products as part of The Workshop at Macy's, a program providing emerging high-potential ethnically diverse-, women-,... More>>

Record Number of Ski Resorts to Showcase Lift Ticket Deals at Ski Dazzle® Los Angeles This December

Los Angeles, Nov 6, 2019 ( - Perfect timing for holiday shopping! This December, you will have a chance to buy gifts for your entire family and friends all in one location at Ski Dazzle®  - The Los... More>>

Saxton 4x4: The Essex Car Dealership has written the success story of British Commerce

Chelmsford, Nov 4, 2019 ( - Saxton 4x4 is a true British success story that has bought astronomic revolution in the vehicle industry. It's been 10 years and from a humble dealership in Chelmsford,... More>>

Levolution Establishes its First Group of Service Providers

Grand Cayman, Nov 5, 2019 ( - Levolution, trading at and, trading pair (LEVL-BTC), is proud to announce that it has made a tremendous effort to enhance its burgeoning... More>>

ABPMP International Guide to the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge Fourth Edition Released

Pensacola, Nov 5, 2019 ( - ABPMP is proud to announce the release of the fourth edition of the BPM CBOK®. Business Process Management (BPM) is continuously evolving, and while the fundamental... More>>

Benjamin™ Announces Integration with Orion

Atlanta, Nov 5, 2019 ( - Today Benjamin, an A.I. technology for financial advisors, announced an exciting new integration with fintech leader Orion Advisor Technology, LLC. This new integration... More>>

Mitch Gould to Lead NPI into Pacific Rim Nations

Boca Raton, Nov 5, 2019 ( - Nutritional Products International, led by its founder and CEO, Mitch Gould, announced expansion plans to help Pacific Rim health and wellness companies enter the U.S.... More>>

Australian Doctor Yusof Mutahar Develops Medical Clothing Brand

Auckland, Nov 5, 2019 ( - Yusof Mutahar is a 29-year-old Australian Doctor and General Practitioner from Perth Western Australia. What makes Dr. Yusof Mutahar different from most doctors is his... More>>

"Scaling with Systems" Entrepreneurial Program Teaches a "Delegation" and "Automation" Business Strategy

New York City, Nov 4, 2019 ( - A good businessperson knows how to delegate authority to subordinates in their organization. One entrepreneur named Ravi Abuvala took this concept and developed an... More>>

Young Entrepreneur Uses Automation System to Grow Businesses

New York City, Nov 4, 2019 ( - When an entrepreneur builds their business in the beginning, it usually requires them to work long hours without having much personal time for themselves. Most... More>>

Social Media Influencers Come Together to Raise Awareness About Endangered Coral Reefs

New York City, Nov 4, 2019 ( - Global warming is the biggest threat facing our world today. There are groups of people who wish to deny the realities of global warming in order to sustain the... More>>

The Charity Foundation "Karmagawa" Gets Millions of Views on Their Film Documentaries About Saving Rhinos and

New York City, Nov 4, 2019 ( - There are so many urgent issues facing our world today. If you could help solve any two environmental problems, what would they be? More>>

Charity Foundation Aims to Get More Millennials Involved in Efforts to Save the Environment

New York City, Nov 4, 2019 ( - Some people believe that charities create good karma in the world. That is what one penny stock trader and philanthropist named Timothy Sykes wanted to do with his... More>>

Shy Porter - Warren Haynes duet.

Los Angeles, Nov 4, 2019 ( - For Immediate Release More>>

Trust Stamp Participates in QITCOM 2019 after being Selected as a Global Top-50 Startup

Doha, Nov 4, 2019 ( - Trust Stamp, an Atlanta-based provider of probabilistic artificial intelligence-powered identity services, is chosen to participate in the 2019 Qatar Information Technology... More>>

Bardi Co. Announces the Launch of Bardi X, a New Platform that Reinvents Enterprise Valuation.

Los Angeles, Nov 4, 2019 ( - Bardi Co. LLC (Bardi Co.), a transnational investment bank, announces the launch of Bardi X, a platform meant to transform enterprise valuation. Using a proprietary... More>>

Latest Research Report On High-chromium Cast Iron Market

New York City, Nov 2, 2019 ( - The High-chromium Cast Iron Market study formulated by UpMarketResearch presents a detailed analysis of the influential trends prevailing in this business sphere.... More>>

Former IBM Manager Pens Children's Fantasy Series

Merced, Nov 1, 2019 ( - Mark M. Even, author and former IBM manager, is launching his debut novel, The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol, A Dragonstone Story, on Sunday, November 3, at a private... More>>

The Latest Trend in Compostable, Eco-Friendly, Organic Straws - Bags

Ormond Beach, Nov 1, 2019 ( - BGUSA, INC announced today the scientific breakthrough for manufacturing and distribution of an organic, eco-friendly drinking straw, which replaces both plastic and... More>>

TechnoArt LIVE 2019 announces startup competition for media and entertainment tech solutions

Tel Aviv, Oct 30, 2019 ( - The TechnoArt LIVE international conference for Art, Media and Entertainment Technology will take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art  in Israel on November 10th,... More>>

French rock band, Yard Of Blondes, returns with new single "You and I - I" *new album coming in 2020*

Los Angeles, Oct 31, 2019 ( - After a year of buzz and anticipation, French born alternative rock band YARD OF BLONDES will be releasing their debut full-length studio album in 2020. Without... More>>

RedCloud Launches CRIBO™, Digital Invoicing and Cash Payment Reconciliation Solution for FMCGs

London, Oct 31, 2019 ( - London based FinTech, RedCloud Technologies, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative OCR driven digital Collections and Reconciliation payment solution, CRIBO... More>>

Levolution Successfully Completed it's First Token Burning Event

Grand Cayman, Oct 31, 2019 ( - Levolution is happy to announce that the first token burning event was completed successfully. As a commitment to provide full transparency to participants the... More>>

Fuel Free Engine - A New Type of Energy Technology

Glasgow, Oct 31, 2019 ( - DyMo Transmission Ltd is pleased to announce that it has developed a new, novel engine with multiple applications including traction and re-charging of electric vehicles... More>>

45 Days- Data based designs to Delivery. Disruptive model in fashion sourcing Business

Sydney, Oct 30, 2019 ( - In fashion and design, creativity and innovation are essential elements that drive a business to a higher level. Production of unique products that meet the needs of the... More>>

John Richey Surprises Fans with Unannounced Single Release Ahead of November Project

Kansas City, Oct 30, 2019 ( - In anticipation of his November 14th release to major streaming platforms, John Richey surprises fans with an unannounced single released exclusively to SoundCloud, in... More>>

International Health - Wellness Companies Find Thriving U.S. Job Market as Unemployment Rate Hits 50-Year Low

Boca Raton, Oct 29, 2019 ( - Health and wellness companies seeking to enter the U.S. market or expand their current retail network this year will find a thriving U.S. job market and keen consumer... More>>

A new Social Networking Platform is set to go live on November 1

Jacksonville Beach, Oct 30, 2019 ( - A new Social Networking Platform is set to go live on November 1, 2019 - opening its doors for review 2 months prior to the official launch date of January 10,... More>>

Manicurist Surprise Plant Base Lunch with Lady O

Beverly Hills, Oct 30, 2019 ( - Oprah seemed inspired by what climate change activist Suzy Cameron said in her book The OMD Plan where she mentioned how one plant-based meal a day would benefit... More>>

Eggtronic has announced the closing of a Series A investment

Sassuolo, Oct 30, 2019 ( - Founded in 2012 in Modena, Italy, Eggtronic now holds offices in the USA, Italy and China. With this Round A, Eggtronic has gathered more than 13 million dollars in... More>>

Get True Recognition of Your Talent with the YouTube Music Video Promotion Services

Palo Alto, Oct 30, 2019 ( - Youtube is regarded as the premium and the most effective video-sharing platform in the web space and is extensively used by influencers to take their content to the... More>>

Konsole Kingz Debuts UKNO Card Matching Mobile Game

Austin, Oct 29, 2019 ( - From the creators of Black Spades mobile game comes UKNO, a new interactive spin of a classic card game that brings the competitive edge out of players. Konsole Kingz... More>>

Why Project Management Is Essential To Any Business Success

Metropolitan Manila Area, Oct 29, 2019 ( - If one has to identify the Most Valuable Professional in any business, the Project Manager would probably win every time. Why? It's simply because these... More>>

Ukiyoto Publishing launches a diverse portfolio of published titles in FY19-20

Toronto, Oct 29, 2019 ( - Ukiyoto Publishing, announces the release of its handpicked titles in this financial year ranging from a platter of love-comedies to addictive thrillers to chilling... More>>

Kamloops Wins Big Landing Global Social Media Expert Julio Viskovich To Rising Living Costs In Urban Centers

Kamloops, Oct 23, 2019 ( - Decision-makers in Vancouver increasingly acknowledge that globalization is challenging cities to inform, innovate, and compete to foster the kind of satisfaction that... More>>

The devloped the tool that automates the extraction of leads on Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Mumbai, Oct 29, 2019 ( - The tool that automates the extraction of leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator named We provide a tool that automates the extraction of Leads from LinkedIn... More>>

Wela Announces Name and Logo Change as Part of Larger Rebranding Effort

Atlanta, Oct 28, 2019 ( - Today, Wela announced a name and logo change as part of a larger rebranding effort. The company has officially changed its name from Wela to Benjamin, emphasizing the... More>>

Oprah Invite's Her Friend and Nail Tech Over For Plant Based Lunch

Beverly Hills, Oct 28, 2019 ( - On Sunday, Oprah (Lady O) treated her friend and long-time Nail Technician, Gloria L. Williams "The Footnanny" to a Plant Based Lunch prepared by her personal Chef... More>>

Celebrity TV Host and Fitness Expert Shaka Smith Joins BudTrader as Advisory Board Member

Los Angeles, Oct 27, 2019 ( -, the largest cannabis social media platform, and online marketplace, announced that actor and host of Black Hollywood Live's Fit Club, Shaka Smith, has... More>>

Back to School and Work Special: Kayaking For a Healthy Routine with Galaxy Kayaks

Estepona, Oct 26, 2019 ( - Galaxy Kayaks, over the years, has established itself as one of the leaders of quality kayaks at affordable prices. Their extensive range of kayaks allows everyone from... More>>

Gripknife LLC Releases The Gripknife Defender - A Light-Weight Addition to The Gripknife Weapon Systems

Massillon, Oct 26, 2019 ( - Bayonets have been around since the 16th century. Often considered the last line of defense, they can be quite cumbersome in close-quarters situations. When finding... More>>

Allied Universal® Hires Former FBI Leader as Senior Vice President of Risk Advisory and Consulting Services

Santa Ana, Oct 21, 2019 ( - Allied Universal®, a leading security and facility services company in North America, recently hired Joshua Skule as the Senior Vice President of the Risk Advisory and... More>>

Mitch Gould and Jeff Fernandez Bring 50 Years Retail Experience to NPI's Clients

Boca Raton, Oct 26, 2019 ( - At Nutritional Products International, Mitch Gould, founder and CEO, and Jeff Fernandez, president, bring half a century of retail experience to their jobs. During... More>>

Levolution - First Token Burn Event October 29th, 2019

Grand Cayman, Oct 26, 2019 ( - Levolution will begin the first period of token burning on the 29th of October. This is a common process among top ICO & ITO projects. The process involves... More>>

Shedir Pharma, an Italian Health and Wellness Company, Plans to Rollout Dietary Supplements to the U.S. Market

Boca Raton, Oct 25, 2019 ( - Italian health and wellness company Shedir Pharma announced this week it plans to introduce three dietary supplements to the U.S. consumer market. More>>

Curtis Lee Putman Releases Debut Single To Country Radio

Schoolcraft, Oct 24, 2019 ( - Curtis Lee Putman Debut Country Single Tall In The Saddle Curtis Lee Putman is bringing his authentic country sound and wonderful storytelling to country radio... More>>

Levolution Looks to Assert Itself as the Most Secure ITO Platform

Grand Cayman, Oct 25, 2019 ( - Levolution, trading at,, trading pair (LEVL-BTC), is proud to announce that it has made a concerted effort to fortify its service, adding 'Sum... More>>

Link TV announces new talk show Series "Kamp Solutions"

Burbank, Oct 24, 2019 ( - Link TV, the national independent non-commercial satellite television network, proudly announced today a new addition to their talk show lineup for Wednesday nights.... More>>

Spine - Orthopedic Center Welcomes Hand Surgeon, Dr. Neil Ghany, to South Florida

Boca Raton, Oct 24, 2019 ( - Spine & Orthopedic Center (SOC) welcomes Dr. Neil C. Ghany, a renowned orthopedic hand surgeon, to its medical team. Dr. Ghany, who has over 20 years of experience... More>>

(ASX:BOT) (ASX:ROO) (ASX:CDD) Tumble on Huge Volume

Melbourne, Oct 24, 2019 ( - Botanix Pharmaceuticals BTX 1503 acne Phase 2 study Results More>>

CityPlat LLC Purchases a Small Office/Retail Building in Glenwood South Corridor in Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh, Oct 24, 2019 ( - CityPlat LLC purchased a Small Office/Retail Building in Glenwood South in Raleigh, NC.  Extensive renovations are underway. This 3,300 SF building on 0.11 acres is... More>>

Mount Laurel, NJ Doesn't Allow Billboards -- But Does Embrace Integrated Communication

Mount Laurel, Oct 24, 2019 ( - Mount Laurel is famous in certain corners for being anti-billboard. In 2013, the municipality successfully defended their ban on billboards from a company that was... More>>



7NRG launches the world's first recyclable, pre and post-workout drink

London, Oct 23, 2019 ( - 7NRG launches the world's first recyclable, pre and post-workout drink infused with broad spectrum water-soluble CBD (THC Free). The packaging is patented and has been... More>>

CityPlat LLC Sells 2 Prime Multi-family Assets in Downtown Raleigh.

Raleigh, Oct 23, 2019 ( - The first property is located at 200 E. Edenton Street in Raleigh, NC. A beautiful 11 unit, fully renovated luxury Apartment Building is located in the Historic Capital... More>>

VIDI SPACE Announces First Annual Film Festival for Independent Filmmakers

Reston, Oct 23, 2019 ( - The VIDI SPACE FILM FESTIVAL will bring indie films to the big screen for a chance at the first-ever "Spacers Choice Award" and $1,000. More>>

Renz Julian "Golden State Motivation" Album In Stores 10/24/19

Oakland, Oct 23, 2019 ( - Oakland artist Renz Julian brings you his third studio album "Golden State Motivation". The album title is inspired by the NBA's Golden State Warriors and their recent run... More>>

Citymark Federal Credit Union Wins Best Website at Evoke Marketing Conference

Wilkes-Barre, Oct 22, 2019 ( - OMNICOMMANDER, a financial technology firm specializing in website design, social media management, branding, and outsourced marketing for credit unions, is excited... More>>

Hatcher+ Completes 100 Investments, Closes US$5,500,000 Seed Round

Singapore, Oct 22, 2019 ( - Hatcher+, a data-driven venture investment company based in Singapore, announced today that it has completed its 100th investment since the launch of its H2 Fund - a... More>>

Apco Med announces the first free medical marijuana patient drive in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oct 15, 2019 ( - Since the passage of SQ 788 over a year and a half ago, getting your Medical Marijuana Patient card, has become easier, but the financial burden of paying your doctor to... More>>

Express Cards Offers Buy Virtual Visa Card with Bitcoin Services to Clients

Dubai, Sep 2, 2019 ( - ExpressCards is a platform that strives to solve the people's need for virtual visa cards and iTunes card by depending on the cryptocurrencies. No matter where the person is... More>>

TAHJ ACE (Brooklyn,NY) Hip hop Artist Releases New Single - Music video Titled "STARR"

New York City, Oct 21, 2019 ( - TAHJ ACE releases music video for Cool High 2 outro track 'STARR' produced by Long beach, California's own JetBlast Music. Visuals directed by Stealth Star Studios... More>>

Allied Universal Hires Executive Vice President of Sales - Marketing

Santa Ana, Oct 21, 2019 ( - Allied Universal®, a leading security and facility services company in North America, recently hired Jim Haugsland as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He... More>>

Who is this 15 Year Old Entrepreneur, Engjell Berisha?

New York City, Oct 20, 2019 ( - Engjell Berisha is one of the most successful eCommerce drop shippers in the world. As a teenager, he is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Europe and the world,... More>>

Fire Within Works with North Bend HS to Increase Graduation Rates

Aurora, Oct 21, 2019 ( - Fire Within Works with North Bend HS to Increase Graduation Rates More>>

Millionaire Forex Trader Offers A.I. Software Programs to His Students

New York City, Oct 20, 2019 ( - Hassan Mahmoud may look like your typical businessman, but you would never guess that this 26-year-old is a master forex trader and investor. While 90% of forex... More>>

A.I. Trading a New Trend in Cryptocurrency and Forex Markets

New York City, Oct 20, 2019 ( - Artificial intelligence technology used to be considered science fiction and something that you'd only see expressed in books and movies. But over the past 20 years,... More>>

Forex and Cryptocurrency Mastermind Offers Affordable Training Program

New York City, Oct 20, 2019 ( - Hassan Mahmoud is a world-class entrepreneur, trader, and investor. Over the past five years, he's dominated the forex industry by making high profits as a forex... More>>

Gainsky Investments offers lucrative alternative amid stiff competition

Altdorf, Oct 20, 2019 ( - The Rising Star of Finance - Gainsky Investments offers a lucrative alternative amid stiff competition. More>>

Introducing Soothe - Main Retail Stores, Available for License

Boston, Oct 18, 2019 ( - Soothe & Main is pleased to announce that their flagship store will be opening in the greater Boston area. Soothe & Main is an upscale destination for relaxation... More>>

KINU® introduces "M47Simplicity" coffee grinder at Host Milano trade fair

Milan, Oct 20, 2019 ( - The M47 Simplicity is a simplified version of the original M47. It has the same auto-centering mechanical construction, based on the Morse cone principle, micro-metrical... More>>

Artist cum producer CG Dillon is gearing up to rock the music charts with his album 'Mix Emotions'

Ontario, Oct 18, 2019 ( - The talented Tobago born artist, CG Dillon, is all set to thrill audiences with his elevated musicianship on this, his debut album. Mix Emotions - album release is set to... More>>

SwiftDao - A New Initiative Towards Fraud Resistant Blockchain Governance

Santa Clarita, Oct 19, 2019 ( - Blockchain project failure rates hover around 92% with an average life of 1.22 years. The SwiftDao standards are therefore under development to take you a step... More>>

Upco International Completes Private Placement of Common Stock Led by Bardi Co.

Los Angeles, Oct 18, 2019 ( - Upco International Inc. (CSE: UPCO) (OTC Pink: UCCPF) (FSE: U06) ("Upco"), a leading provider of cloud-based mobile services, announced that on October 17th, 2019, it... More>>

Maverick Technology Solutions Announces Launch of ROSINBOMB™ M-60 Extraction Press

Reno, Oct 18, 2019 ( - Maverick Technology Solutions (OTC: MVRK), industry-leading developer and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed ROSINBOMB line of extraction presses and technology, is pleased... More>>

NEW Book Release by Raleigh Author

Raleigh, Oct 18, 2019 ( - Anna Marie Jehorek sweeps readers away to the Emerald Isle with her latest novel, The House with The Georgian Door. Set in rural County Roscommon, Ireland Jehorek crafts a... More>>

Removing breast implants with en bloc total capsulectomy

Newport Beach, Oct 18, 2019 ( - En bloc capsulectomy is increasing exponentially among patients that have breast implants. This procedure involves the explant of breast implants, either silicone or... More>>

Mark Lomeli Launches Consulting Firm

Long Beach, Oct 18, 2019 ( - Today, Mark Lomeli announced the launch of CoAction Strategies. This firm was formed to change minds and influence public opinion through action. We are battle-tested... More>>

Modern Acupuncture Holds Grand Opening Event for 47th Clinic

Staten Island, Oct 18, 2019 ( - Modern Acupuncture, the first franchise to make the natural health and cosmetic benefits of acupuncture available to people in a convenient and affordable way, is... More>>

High-end Hair Maker Lustro Hair Announcing New Products

Dallas, Oct 17, 2019 ( - Lustro Hair, a renowned supplier of 100% human hair products, is strengthening its footing in the wig industry by launching its latest product line. The high-end wig maker... More>>

Salaam Clinic Opens New Free Clinic in Midtown

Cleveland, Oct 17, 2019 ( - Today, Salaam Clinic officially opens the doors of its a free clinic, Salaam Clinic Midtown. Located in the health tech corridor at 7401 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio,... More>>

Boise company that gives millions back to local communities, launches Your Official Gear.

Boise, Oct 16, 2019 ( - All-American Publishing announced today that Your Official Gear (YOG) will be heading up their promotional products and custom apparel division. We interviewed President/CEO... More>>

How School Dropout Went From Couch Surfing to Managing Millions

New York City, Oct 16, 2019 ( - Dallas Basha is a 24-year-old real estate developer, social entrepreneur, and speaker. He is the owner and CEO of a multi-million-dollar real estate investment firm... More>>

Trust Stamp Recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor in Identity Proofing and Corroboration

Atlanta, Oct 16, 2019 ( - Trust Stamp, a leader in probabilistic artificial intelligence-powered identity services, announces its inclusion in Gartner's 2019 Market Guide for Identity Proofing and... More>>

Up-And-Coming Energy Services Company Aims To Support Confused Solar Households

Melbourne, Oct 16, 2019 ( - DC Power Co, Australia's first solar-focused energy services company, aims to assist the 2 million solar households who lack the information and support to get the most... More>>

SAP Kicks Off The 2019 Metro Fest Esports - Live-Music College Tour

Phildelphia, Oct 16, 2019 ( - When it comes to diversity in eSports, the numbers don't lie. Although minorities make up more than half of video game consumers in the US, the industry significantly... More>>

Schools (and Social Media) Have Failed America's Small Business Owners

New York City, Oct 16, 2019 ( - The school of hard knocks is not a school most small business owners should attend.  According to long time entrepreneurs Judge Graham and Matt Manero, "Running your... More>>

SUIC and iDrink Announce Joint Venture Company and Headquarters in Malaysia for iDrink Smart IoT

New York City, Oct 16, 2019 ( - SUIC and iDrink Announce Joint Venture Company and Headquarters in Malaysia for iDrink Smart IoT Vending Machines Distribution in the Global ASEAN Economic Community More>>

5Th edition of commerce career guidance event Commerce Clave organised in Jaipur on 30th Sept. 2019

Jaipur, Oct 16, 2019 ( - 5th edition of commerce career guidance event Commerce Clave organised in Jaipur on 30th September 2019 Global Centre For Entrepreneurship And Commerce (GCEC) in... More>>

The South Korea DJ - Producer Cafrii has Fascinated the Listeners with his Song 'Sunrise'

Seoul, Oct 15, 2019 ( - Cafrii is making everyone fall in love with his awesome musicianship. His latest release 'Sunrise' has paved a new path for the EDM genre. This electrifying musical... More>>

Save The Is Asking The Public To Tell Congress To End The Veteran Suicide Epidemic

District of Columbia, Oct 15, 2019 ( - Save The is asking you to visit their website to send an email to the senior staffers for your Member of Congress and two United States Senators... More>>

Business growth leader Dean Seddon plans to help one million businesses grow.

London, Oct 15, 2019 ( - Every business knows that they should have a business plan, in fact in order to finance the expansion of a business, it is essential if you want investors and financial... More>>

Ministry of Woke's debut single, Orwellian World, tackles Military Industrial Complex

Toronto, Oct 14, 2019 ( - Ministry of Woke, a brand new band, based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is debuting their single, Orwellian World, to tackle the issue of Military Industrial Complex. It... More>>

THE ROYAL HEIRS BANK - TRUST an established private bank

Philadelphia, Oct 13, 2019 ( - Under the command and authority of Her Royal Majesty queen naja, the ROYAL HEIRS BANK & TRUST, registered, Account no. 2019058018, RK BK06401-0803 DELAWARE... More>>

Boom Hits Android - Feel Your Music with Incredible 3D Surround Sound

Udupi, Oct 12, 2019 ( - 'Boom Android' is a stunning music player app that has been outfitted with Global Delight's patented 3D surround audio technology! The app has been gingerly pre-tuned with... More>>

Breanne Stewart, What I Learned from Being a Mom, Wife, Minister, Speaker - Entrepreneur

Columbia, Oct 12, 2019 ( - Opulence PR Firm and Management announced today that the incomparable Breanne Stewart, Speaker, Coach, and Minister is now part of the elite Clientele of the PR Doctor... More>>

Essex based journalist launches online petition to stop UK supermarkets selling ready meals

London, Oct 12, 2019 ( - Suzanne Coen was admitted to hospital in July and underwent a medical procedure after swallowing a foreign object found in one of the prepared meals produced by Scratch... More>>

Reality TV Sports Competition Supporting Veterans

Chula Vista, Oct 12, 2019 ( - Seeking Veterans, and Veteran supporters to participate in the preliminary round of the battle challenge of "The Pugilist." This will be filmed for a TV reality show... More>>

This October, Frank Darling Unveils Rings that Help End Child Marriage

New York City, Oct 11, 2019 ( - Celebrating International Day of the Girl on October 11 and in partnership with VOW to End Child Marriage, Frank Darling is launching a collection of stackable... More>>

Automotive Lead Acid Batteries Market Analysis by Share, SWOT, Market Player - Size Forecast to 2025

Newport News, Oct 11, 2019 ( - Lead-acid is heavy and is less durable than nickel- and lithium-based systems when deep cycled. A full discharge causes strain and each discharge/charge cycle... More>>

Dr Yusof Cosmetics Skin Care Range

Sydney, Oct 10, 2019 ( - Dr. Yusof Cosmetics is a new cosmetics skincare range developed in 2019 by Dr. Yusof Mutahar and his associate. It has hit the market by storm with huge growth and sales in... More>>

Request Tracker Pro Helps Host Merchant Services Streamline Customer Support

Newark, Oct 10, 2019 ( - Request Tracker Pro, a help desk communication platform designed around providing exceptional customer support, has offered assistance to Host Merchant Services to develop... More>>

Pride and Prejudice in The Spa Industry

Chicago, Oct 8, 2019 ( - With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, including esthetician work and oncology training, Leslie Syron shouldn't have had any trouble getting a job in the... More>>

Pets for Vets, Inc. Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Pairing U.S. Veterans with Companion Animals

Palos Heights, Oct 9, 2019 ( - Pets for Vets, Inc. is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on October 20, 2019.  From one location in 2009 to the current 26 chapters across the U.S. and the District of... More>>

Smart Beverage Vending Machines Hit the Market

New York City, Oct 9, 2019 ( - After months of planning, SUIC (Sino United Worldwide Consolidated OTC: SUIC) and iDrink Technology have successfully put 100 iDrink IoT smart beverage vending... More>>

Global Geosynthetics Market Analysis by Market Players, Share, SWOT and Size Forecast to 2025

Barnesville, Oct 9, 2019 ( - Geosynthetics are synthetic products used to stabilize terrain. They are generally polymeric products used to solve civil engineering problems. This includes eight main... More>>

Recapped brings real-time collaboration to enterprise sales with Salesforce integration

New York City, Oct 8, 2019 ( - Recapped has taken it's a client-collaboration platform to the next level - by launching an integration directly into Salesforce. This integration makes it possible... More>>

New Business Book from Kogan Page, The Tesla Way by Michael Valentin

New York City, Oct 8, 2019 ( - "Tesla is like any organization: imperfect and open to criticism in many ways. But the Tesla way is probably the only model that currently offers such a level of... More>>

MyFeed: The New App Eliminating the "Filter Bubble"

Los Angeles, Oct 8, 2019 ( - Important and relevant content online is almost always scattered across varied channels, and if users aren't attentive to the right channels, they miss it. However,... More>>

GOA Skincare launches world's first Oil-Free Protein Moisturizer for Men

Los Angeles, Oct 7, 2019 ( - The U.S. is kind of like the wild west when it comes to skincare regulations and claims. When it comes to "oil-free" moisturizers you really have to understand a bit... More>>

SharpLink Selected As Global SD-WAN Partner For Google Cloud Marketplace Program

Colorado Springs, Oct 7, 2019 ( - SharpLink Delivers New SD-WAN Technology on Google Cloud Marketplace More>>

Perituza Has Been Recognized By CIO Review as a Top SharePoint - Microsoft Solution Provider in 2019

League City, Oct 7, 2019 ( - Perituza Software Solutions would like to announce they have been recognized by CIO Review, a leading enterprise technology magazine that connects IT vendors & buyers. More>>

ESytes - Zoroastrian Company - Parsi's Contribution to India

Mumbai, Oct 7, 2019 ( - Changing internet technology and web-based concepts, we've recently come across eSytes, a company headquartered in Mumbai, India which has made website designing and... More>>

Most Influential Doctors on Instagram in 2019

Los Angeles, Oct 7, 2019 ( - Below is our list of the top 3 most Influential Doctors on Instagram in 2019. We looked at more than just follower count, but their global presence, growth, and footprint. More>>

Express in Music transforms to USEA after acquisition from US$450m market cap listed company

Singapore, Oct 7, 2019 ( - Singapore-headquartered background music solutions provider Express in Music and its group of companies has been acquired by USEN-NEXT Holdings, one of the biggest... More>>

Lil Def, 20 Year Old Artist From Nunavut, Reflects: Finding His Image, Staying Indie, and New Music

Iqaluit, Oct 6, 2019 ( - Lil Def is a recording artist from a frigid, isolated town in the arctic. He has been involved with the movement of releasing self-published music alongside fellow... More>>

New Christian Dove Approved - Jeep Branded Family Film Release

New York City, Oct 4, 2019 ( - Wright Family Films have released their new Dove approved & Jeep branded family film " Boxes & Blessings ". The Amazing film has been released to all... More>>

Allied Universal Director is Chosen as "40 under 40" Winner by Security Systems News

Santa Ana, Oct 4, 2019 ( - Allied Universal®, a leading security and facility services company in North America, announces the recognition of Ebony Haywood, Director of Training & Development,... More>>

Time To Stop Sleeping On Alpha Investment Inc.

Miami, Oct 3, 2019 ( - Alpha Investment Inc. (OTCPINK:ALPC) underwrites and structures complex transactions to customize creative capital funding solutions. This garners a competitive edge over... More>>

Wela Named as Finalist in "The UBS Future of Finance" Challenge

Atlanta, Oct 3, 2019 ( - Today, financial technology company Wela announced that they have been named as a finalist in The UBS Future of Finance Challenge. As a finalist, Wela will pitch Benjamin®,... More>>

The Penthouse Club of Baltimore Is Offered As The Venue For The Impending Trump Impeachment Hearings

Baltimore, Oct 2, 2019 ( - Baltimore, Maryland, October 1, 2019, The political atmosphere just went from bad to worse with the latest attempt to Impeach President Trump. The USA is so divided... More>>

REC sings MoU with Swinburne University

Chennai, Oct 2, 2019 ( - Rajalakshmi Engineering College (REC), Chennai signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus (Swinburne Sarawak) on 21st... More>>

Afro-American Music Institute's 37th Anniversary Celebration - Benefit Concert Featuring Brandy - Co

Pittsburgh, Oct 2, 2019 ( - On October 26th, 2019, Pittsburgh get ready to welcome back to the stage soul, jazz, gospel, and R&B vocalist, dubbed 'Pittsburgh's Songstress,' Brandy of Brandy... More>>

SportsEdTV Prepares Launch of Free Soccer Instruction Content Library

Miami, Oct 2, 2019 ( - SportsEdTV is filming its first soccer-instruction videos next month featuring former Team USA and Chelsea FC standout Roy Wegerle.  The soccer video content represents the... More>>

Dylan Kawende launches £66k GoFundMe to study law at Cambridge University

London, Oct 1, 2019 ( - Dylan Kawende launched an online GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to study law at Cambridge because he cannot afford the £66,000 fees. The British-born son of two Rwandan... More>>

Knowledge Hub Media Named among "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America" by Entrepreneur Magazine

West Chester, Oct 1, 2019 ( - Early this morning, Knowledge Hub Media was recognized as one of the "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America" with its inclusion on Entrepreneur magazine's... More>>

Dr Bernard Malik appointed as PNG special envoy

Brisbane, Oct 1, 2019 ( - Dr. Bernard Malik appointed as PNG special envoy More>>

Wes Moss Named by Barron's as One of the Country's Top 100 Independent Advisors

Atlanta, Oct 1, 2019 ( - Today, Capital Investment Advisors is proud to announce that partner and Chief Investment Strategist Wes Moss has been honoured by Barron's, named to the Top 100... More>>

PsHolix Wins Prize for Breakthrough Tech: 3D Without Glasses

Basel, Oct 1, 2019 ( - psHolix, holographic display technology, which is considered to be the next breakthrough in the 3D display industry, is now ready to enter the market and is set to transform... More>>

GIRLS LOVE SHOES' Tasty New Single Drops for Halloween, so Admit You Want to Take a Colossal BITE!

Los Angeles, Oct 1, 2019 ( - You're in for a treat with "Bite," one of six deliciously rebellious songs on Girls Love Shoes' third EP "Subatomic Genius," dropping Oct 11th, 2019. The spooky new... More>>

Jive To The Electro Swing Module Of 'Bella Di Notte', A Robust Remix By Wolfgang Lohr

New York City, Sep 29, 2019 ( - The jazzy customizations of swing music have now found pronouncement in sinewy modulations of electronic groove. Presenting a hybrid touch of the contemporary... More>>

YouTube Video Marketing Services Helps Customer Watch Videos to Get Information via a Popular Medium

Berkeley, Sep 28, 2019 ( - Video marketers use Video Promotion Club as one of its reliable sources. It helps in engagement through online and can target the audience and can give immense exposure... More>>

Interesting Facts About Celebrity Doctor - Dr Yusof Mutahar

Brisbane, Sep 27, 2019 ( - Yusof Mutahar has become an Instagram celebrity and his account @yusof.mutahar had seen significant growth in recent years due to the popular content of his post. As a... More>>

GCC Exchange redefines customer interaction with its newly launched Mobile App!

Deira, Sep 27, 2019 ( - Known to be one of the pioneers of the exchange industry, GCC Exchange has opened a new chapter in the customer interaction by launching a smart user-friendly mobile app.... More>>

Singer/Songwriter teams with Wags - Walks to raise money an awareness for shelter dogs

Los Angeles, Sep 27, 2019 ( - Local singer/songwriter, Joanna Duff teams up with WAGS & WALKS in her latest video and single release for "Other Than You' to raise awareness and funding for dogs... More>>

National Wrestling Alliance Brings Studio Wrestling Back to Atlanta

Atlanta, Sep 26, 2019 ( - The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), professional wrestling's oldest sanctioning body, makes its return to Atlanta, GA to produce a new weekly series from Georgia Public... More>>

GiftCast Introduces the First Video-gifting Mobile Application

Charlotte, Sep 26, 2019 ( - GiftCast LLC, a tech start-up dedicated to transforming the way people give monetary gifts, announced today that it has launched the first video-gifting mobile... More>>

Las Cruces, New Mexico Chosen To Host Women's Tackle Football Championship - July 11, 2020

Las Cruces, Sep 26, 2019 ( - The La Muerte De Las Cruces joined the WNFC in the 2019 offseason with a commitment, joining other WNFC teams, in the movement of propelling women's tackle football and... More>>

Charlton Family Entertainment LLC Record Label Launch Concert Set to Rock Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, Sep 23, 2019 ( - Charlton Family Entertainment will present The Resident Concert Live: Fully Loaded from 7-11 p.m. on September 27, 2019, at the Dynacon Event Center, 2100 Wendover... More>>

Allied Universal's Caress Kennedy Appointed as Member of The Committee of 200

New York City, Sep 26, 2019 ( - Allied Universal, a leading security and facility services company in North America, announces the appointment of Caress Kennedy as a member of The Committee of 200... More>>

London Canna Group Opens First CBD Retail Location in Shoreditch, London

London, Sep 26, 2019 ( - London Canna Group (LCG or the "Company") the leading comprehensive cannabis consultancy in the United Kingdom, today announced its further expansion into retail with the... More>>

From Accounts to Applause: Ross Pomerantz (CorporateBro)

Atlanta, Sep 25, 2019 ( - It all began one day in the office; will the real Corporate Bro please stand up. 10 wannabe Corporate Bro's stood up to claim the reign of office legend but there can only... More>>

Gainsky's New Financial Model Set to Capitalise on Flourishing Cryptocurrency Market

Burghausen, Sep 25, 2019 ( - As of July 2019, the market price of Bitcoin has hit more than USD 11,000 with other cryptocurrencies the following suit. However, the cryptocurrency market is also... More>> Launches New VPN Review Site

Petaling Jaya, Sep 25, 2019 ( -, an online resource on the Virtual Private Network (VPN) industry, has just launched its new website with updated Virtual Private Network (VPN)... More>>

International Trauma Expert Unveils Revolutionary Training Program

Nashville, Sep 24, 2019 ( - New EPower & Associates' Trauma-Responsive System assumes "universal exposure," builds on strengths and focuses on the present using indigenous values. The TRS is... More>>

Beautiful "Pearls" New Classical Piano Album by the multi-awarded composer Karen Salicath Jamali

New York, Sep 24, 2019 ( - Redefining the standards of classical piano with the subtlety of contemporary spirits is the multi-award-winning pianist and composer Karen Salicath Jamali. There is no... More>>

Sensational September 28 Auction with important personal Adolf Hitler items sold by US Veteran

Kirchheim, Sep 24, 2019 ( - The announcement of the sale of the highly important grouping of Museum Quality authentic Adolf Hitler Items from the legendary Ben Lieber Collection as well as related... More>>

11Th Annual Cross-country pet adoption tour Get Your Licks on Route 66®

Boise, Sep 24, 2019 ( - FIDO Friendly Magazine presents the 11th Annual Cross-country pet adoption tour Get Your Licks on Route 66® where they travel from Los Angeles to Chicago, stopping at... More>>

ManukaSport And Edinburgh Rugby - A Winning Combination

West Midlands, Sep 24, 2019 ( - MankaSport have teamed up with EDINBURGH RUGBY for the 2019/20 season and will provide the club with energy gels and raw honey. More>>

City Orthopaedics - Sports Medicine Launches in New Jersey - New York

New York City, Sep 23, 2019 ( - City Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine ( has opened an office in Carlstadt, New Jersey and Manhattan, New York.  The practice offers a... More>>

3Rd Graduation Day Celebrated at RSB, Chennai

Chennai, Sep 24, 2019 ( - Rajalakshmi School of Business (RSB), Chennai, celebrated its 3rd Graduation Day on Saturday, the 14th of September, 2019. More>>

"Queen Latifah and Shania Twain discover an overnight internet sensation CJ Stain

Ottawa-Hull-Gatineau, Sep 23, 2019 ( - C.J. Stain is an Ontario, Canada-born R&B singer, whose song "One" is generating significant buzz on YouTube. The song's message about gender equality,... More>>

Zeva reaffirms its Commitment to CMMI-DEV - CMMI-SVC Maturity Level 3 Appraisals

Reston, Sep 23, 2019 ( - Zeva Incorporated recently achieved successful appraisal of its software development and service delivery processes at the rigorous Maturity Level 3 (ML3) of the Capability... More>>

PCloudy Is The First Cloud Based Testing Platform To Induct iPhone 11, Pro, And Pro Max

Dublin, Sep 23, 2019 ( - pCloudy has announced that iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are now available on the device cloud. Apart from the latest iPhones, pCloudy has iOS 13 on the... More>>

Real Estate Video Marketing Just Got Easier With Realtor Video FX

District of Columbia, Sep 22, 2019 ( - If you're a realtor, then you are already aware of how difficult it is to succeed in the real estate industry in today's heavily competitive market. It seems... More>>

Press Release: Travelling along The Ancient Mackerel Road of Japan

Osaka, Sep 22, 2019 ( - The Zipangu Bridge has published "Saba Kaido Road, Obama, & Kyoto," the eighth issue of the travel, culture and history magazine, "Journey Around Lake Biwa." The Saba... More>>

NoNetz cosponsors legislation to address heat related working conditions

Carmel, Sep 21, 2019 ( - If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, that old adage doesn't fly with people who are required to work in hot environments for extended hours... More>>

Sengkang Grand Residences Announced Its Showflat Launch Date

Singapore, Sep 21, 2019 ( - Situated in Sengkang Grand, the new launch condominium by CapitaLand and City Development Limited (CDL), Sengkang Grand Residences is a mixed development with... More>>

Pawsitively 4 Pink Announces Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser

Worcester, Sep 20, 2019 ( - Pawsitively 4 Pink is pleased to announce it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser. The fundraiser is scheduled for October and will run the entire month. It will... More>>

Benjamin® Now Offers Regulatory Compliance Integration for Financial Advisors

Atlanta, Sep 20, 2019 ( - Today, financial technology company Wela announced the addition of a game-changing new feature of Benjamin®, the artificial intelligence designed for financial advisors by... More>>

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