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7 crucial questions people always forget to ask financial advisors

Neglecting to ask these crucial questions could cripple your investments and savings for years to come.


How the super rich bank differently than the rest of us

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The 1% live much different lives than the rest of us. These tricks help them stay rich and manage their wealth.


7 situations when you definitely need a financial advisor

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Everyone ends up dealing with these common financial situations. Navigating them alone could cost you thousands.


How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

Originally posted on   The accounting and bookkeeping industry generates over 150 billion dollarsannually in the US. A chunk of that is from the big... More>>

Your Guide To Filling Out A Stock Certificate

Originally posted on Have you ever wondered what a stock certificate actually is? Do you have a clear answer in mind, yet have no idea how... More>>

A Few SEO Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

Originally posted on Search engines have become more sophisticated and intelligent than ever. And why not, since most people turn to the internet to gather virtually any information from... More>>

The Best Cities for Renters in 2019

If you’re still saving up for a mortgage on your first home, it’s likely that you’re paying rent. But what if you could optimize your situation as a renter in order to build up those funds for a down payment …... More>>

How Paying Off Your Mortgage Affects Your Credit Score

Congratulations! You've just finished paying off your mortgage – probably the largest debt you'll ever have in your life. Should you expect your credit score to increase as a result? Not necessarily. Your credit... More>>

Fast Money Finances: How Much Money Can I Get with Same Day Loans?

Originally posted on About 34 percent of Americans suffered a major emergency expense during last year. Do you have enough savings... More>>

What is a Bookkeeping Service?

Originally posted on Bookkeeping is defined simply as the process of recording and organizing transactions derived from business events. A bookkeeper performs the... More>>

Spread Holiday Cheer with Small Personal Loans

Originally posted on Customers are expected to spend four percent more this holiday than they did last year. The average American will allocate at... More>>

10 Ways Loans for Bad Credit Can Make Your Holidays Merry

Originally posted on And if you’re reading this, you might be one of them. If you have bad credit and don’t have a job or a... More>>

The Perfect Medicine: 7 Ways Personal Loans Can Help You Battle Medical Debt

Originally posted on Medical bills are the number one reason why people file for bankruptcy in the United States. When... More>>

Show Me the Money: 8 Benefits of Cash Loans

Originally posted on Sometimes paying your debt becomes difficult due to unforeseen financial emergencies such as medical bills. In other cases, you... More>>

Travel Rewards Competition: Which Card Should You Get?

Originally posted on There are many reasons why people enjoy travel. Some travel to visit family or spend time with friends, while others fly... More>>

Top 8 Student Loan Debt Tips

Originally posted on The average U.S. college graduate has over $17,000 in loan debt. This average is driven down by those who graduate debt-free. Many students... More>>

How to Lower Your Interest Rate on a Small Loan

Originally posted on Do you want to know the secret to ensuring that you get a loan that you can afford and covers all your costs? If you’re trying to get... More>>

6 Popular Retail Company Credit Cards

Originally posted on For some retailers, a store credit card is a great way for them to promote brand loyalty. Unfortunately, for many... More>>

Do You Qualify for a Payday Loan?

Originally posted on You’re in the middle of an emergency. And the frightening truth of it is that you just don’t have the money to afford this. Your... More>>

Can Retired Veterans Get Military Housing?

For members of the U.S. military, housing assistance is one of the most significant benefits they can receive. Life on a base might not be for everyone. For servicemen and women who prefer it, though, this can offer a... More>>

Dynamics GP Credit Card Processing

Originally posted on iSolutions is pleased to announce a partnership with CardConnect and iPayments to offer Dynamics... More>>

If My Spouse Has Tax Debt What Does That Mean For Me?

Originally posted on Did your spouse accumulate some hefty debt before your marriage occurred? Once two people marry, working through situations like these can become tricky and... More>>

Ron White Net Worth A Whopping $40,000,000?

Originally posted on   Ron White Net Worth: Ronald Dee White better known as Ron White or by his nickname Tater Salad is an American comedian, actor and author... More>>

Camila Cabello Net Worth – $14,000,000?

Originally posted on   Shows like “The X-Factor” can generate the kind of exposure that catapults singers to stardom ands earns them a very nice... More>>

Should You Get Universal Life Insurance?

Originally posted on What if you put your life in the wrong person’s hands? It may sound overly dramatic. However, this is the reality for everyone trying to... More>>

6 Strategies to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Originally posted on The average American household has almost $6000 worth of debt, and that’s not the kind of cash you can pay off overnight. Even... More>>

What You Need to Know About Getting Payday Loans Online

Originally posted on Anyone can be in a position where they are strapped for cash. If you’re facing a situation like this right now, you may be... More>>

Don’t Overlook Small Banks for the Best Savings Rates

Originally posted on Remember when you could get a 4 percent return on your bank savings account? Neither do we. The days of getting decent yields... More>>

How to Get the Best Rates on Car Insurance for Young People

Originally posted on If you’re under the age of 25 and haven’t researched the cost of car insurance yet, then chances are you’re in a... More>>

Credit Cards for Fair Credit: Understanding Your Options

Originally posted on People talk a lot about the amazing credit cards you can get when you have great credit. They also talk a lot about... More>>

Everything You Need to Know About Credit Card Fees

Originally posted on If you own a credit card or have considered opening a credit card account, you’ve probably been warned about hidden costs and... More>>

Bad Credit History? Consider Online Installment Loans as an Option

Originally posted on There is more of a problem when you need money but do not have it than when you have money and do not need it.  It sounds... More>>

5 Ways to Maximize Reloadable Debit Cards

Originally posted on Millennials and Generation X love reloadable debit cards. Statistics indicate they buy more than $300 billion annually with their... More>>

Finding the Best Bad Credit Installment Loans

Originally posted on Bad credit installment loans are often the only way one can get quick cash to tide them over in emergency and semi-emergency... More>>

How to Get Help with Student Loan Debt

Originally posted on You have huge goals of owning a home and maybe even a business down the road. But your student loan debt may feel like boulders placed... More>>

How Unsecured Personal Loans Work

Originally posted on Life can send challenges that require extra financial resources. Unexpected medical bills, house repairs, and broken appliances are all... More>>

Peer Funding: How Does Peer to Peer Lending Work?

Originally posted on Peer funding is an innovative way of lending and borrowing money. By 2050, this method of lending is expected to have a value of... More>>

5 Things You Should Know About Paying Back Same Day Loans

Originally posted on Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, leaving you in a financial jam. If you don’t have an emergency fund,... More>>

Play Now, Pay Later: How to Use Online Loans for Your Next Vacation

Originally posted on Over 1/3 of the American population is going to take a family vacation this year. Millions of people will... More>>

7 Reasons to Use Personal Loans Over Credit Cards For Your Next Trip

Originally posted on American’s are spending more and more money on their vacations per year, to the tune of 10 or even... More>>

8 Reasons Loans for Bad Credit Are Perfect for Students

Originally posted on While credit scores seem to be rising overall, younger generations average 100 points worse than older generations. A... More>>

Tips for Securing Online Loans No Credit Check if You’re Unemployed

Originally posted on Having poor credit can make it feel as though you’re stuck in a hole that you can’t climb out... More>>

The Beauty and Freedom of Using Personal Loans

Originally posted on In 2018, the use of personal loans by consumers has surged to an astounding $120 billion. There’s a good reason for this. ... More>>

The Proper Way to Apply for Business Loans for Bad Credit

Originally posted on Do you need extra funding for your business? Worried you can’t get a loan because of a bad credit score? If... More>>

4 Reasons Same Day Loans Are Perfect for Small Business Expenses

Originally posted on You run a pretty awesome business if you do say so yourself. The work is great, and the results are even... More>>

What Information Do You Need to Qualify for Payday Loans with No Credit Check

Originally posted on Life comes at you fast. One minute, you’re enjoying a long weekend road trip,... More>>

What Kind of Loans for Those With Bad Credit Exist?

Originally posted on Loan hunting, when you have a less than perfect credit history, can be a bit daunting and discouraging. But it may be the... More>>

Tips for Finding Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval Direct Lenders

Originally posted on There are financial institutions out there that offer personal loans to people with bad credit.... More>>

Quick Online Loans for Bad Credit: What You Want to Know

Originally posted on For most Americans, having bad credit is a significant disadvantage. Bad credit often locks you out from accessing... More>>

Why Use Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit, Direct Lenders

Originally posted on If you find yourself faced with an unexpected financial need, and it’s not for buying a car or a house... More>>

When Can You Refinance Your Home?

Originally posted on Owning a home comes with a lot of advantages, like having the options to change things as you choose. But there’s more to... More>>

Help Me Find Good Poor Credit Loans!

Originally posted on What should you be looking for in poor credit loans to ensure you get your best possible offer? Just because you have had a rocky credit... More>>

Find Installment Loans for Bad Credit, Direct Lenders

Originally posted on The Internet is full of offers for installment loans for bad credit, direct lenders are competing fiercely for even... More>>

How to Get Affordable Life Insurance Rates

Originally posted on Over the last few years, the majority of Americans have started to realize that they need life insurance. However, the most recent data... More>>

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Credit Score

When a perfect credit score is your dream, it can seem impossible if you find yourself buried in debt with no sign of relief. Having poor credit is not only bad for your finances, but it can be downright painful to your... More>>

What are Personal Loans Used For?

You know what a mortgage and student loan are, but have you heard of personal loans? They are the fastest growing form of debt in the U.S. At the end of 2018, nearly 11% of the adult American population had an outstanding... More>>

Creatively Clever Ways to Save Money as a Family

Almost everyone understands the importance of saving money. After all, the average US adult is 38 thousand dollars in debt. This means that money is tight for everyone, and penny-pinching is necessary at times if you want to... More>>

17 Flexible Stay at Home Mom Jobs to Make up to $80/Hr

Originally posted on   Have you ever tried your luck with any stay at home mom jobs to earn income from anywhere? I’m talking no scams and no pushing products on... More>>

Brilliant Business Marketing Strategies That Play a Big Role in Startup Success

Originally posted on When trying to figure out the best ways of running a modern business, the... More>>

Top Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Originally posted on Marketing can be difficult to say the least. You may feel as though you are constantly having to guess... More>>

How to Stop Annoying your Clients and Customers

Originally posted on Building a good relationship with your customers and your clients is not easy to say the least. There are so many things that you... More>>

Options Trading For Dummies

Originally posted on   Trading stocks is quite intuitive. When you buy a stock at a low price and sell it at a higher price, you make money. But trading... More>>

What Is Option Assignment?

Originally posted on   Buying and selling stock is the most common way for investors to benefit from a company’s success, but it isn’t the... More>>

Two Las Vegas Locals Sentenced After Stealing $2 Million In Tax Refunds

Originally posted on   It’s long been said that there are only two things in life that are sure: death and taxes. You may not like either of... More>>

Dr. Phil Net Worth Is It Really $500 Million Dollars?

Originally posted on   Popular television host Dr. Phil, whose full given name is Phillip Calvin McGraw, graduated from Midwestern State University in 1975 with a... More>>

Insurance Products Guide: List Of The Top Insurance Companies In Canada

Originally posted on   INSURDINARY provides consumers information on all the major and Best Insurance & Financial companies in Canada and North America.... More>>

What Happens During An IRS Audit?

Originally posted on   You’re getting ready to face your worst nightmare and you need help. You are not alone. Many people become anxious and confused... More>>

Red Flags That Capture The Attention Of An IRS Audit

Originally posted on   In 2017, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audited only 1 in 160 individual returns. The number of people audited every year has been on a... More>>

How Your Delinquent Tax Debt May Affect Your Ability To Travel

Originally posted on   Are you looking to travel outside of the country? If you owe more than $51,000 in back taxes, the federal government has the right to... More>>

ANICO Term Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

Originally posted on   There are a few good choices for getting term life insurance without a medical exam, and in this blog post... More>>

AARP Term Life Insurance Review

Originally posted on   Having life insurance coverage in place can help you to ensure that your loved ones won’t have to suffer a financial... More>>

Best Life Insurance Companies

Originally posted on   Could it really be true that you’ve never heard of some of the best life insurance companies? The answer might surprise you.... More>>

Things to Know Before Starting Your Own Business

Originally posted on   When we open a new business, it can be a pretty freeing and happy moment. Some of the perks are being our own... More>>

5 Ways to Determine If Cash Loans Are Right for Your Current Need

Originally posted on   Payday loans have been around for decades in a form or another. This type of financing is ideal for... More>>

Can Same Day Loans Give Me All the Money I Need?

Originally posted on   40% of Americans are unprepared for an emergency that costs less than $500. When you find yourself strapped for cash... More>>

6 Things That Will Guarantee Approval for Payday Loans

Originally posted on 12 million Americans will use a payday loan to cover an unexpected expense each year. Though there’s a variety of... More>>

Understanding the Types of Emergencies That Require Cash Loans

Originally posted on   No one is exempt from emergency situations. And emergencies can get extremely expensive. Your house may... More>>

How Does Refinancing Work?

Originally posted on   According to a new study in the Journal of Financial Economics, American homeowners missed out on $5.4 billion dollars because they... More>>

How to Refinance Your Car Loan

Originally posted on   Do you continue to get offers about refinancing your car loan? You may be completely happy with your current car loan. It may be easy to make... More>>

Should I Consolidate My Loans Right After Graduation?

Originally posted on   Congratulations: graduation is around the corner! Now you get to deal with things like your aunt asking what you’re doing... More>>

A Beginners Guide to Short Term Loans

Originally posted on   57% of adults have less than $1000 in savings in the United States. For this reason, short term loans are a popular way to... More>>

How to Get Student Loans with Poor Credit

Originally posted on   More than 50% of Americans have Poor to Very Poor credit scores. This results in a lot of problems, such as the inability to qualify... More>>

Life Insurance 101: How to Buy Life Insurance in 2019

Originally posted on Who really wants to think about dying? Buying life insurance means we must face our own mortality and that can be scary. ... More>>

7 Life Insurance Tips for the First Time Buyer

Originally posted on If you’ve been thinking about your mortality lately, you’re not the only one. And that’s okay. Taking out a... More>>

Q & A: Here Are Some Life Insurance Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing an Agent

Originally posted on Did you know that less than 1/3 of Canadian residents say they don’t have adequate... More>>

Interchange Plus Pricing Vs. Flat Rate

Originally posted on, LET’S LOOK AT INTERCHANGE. What is interchange? The rate that the credit card brand and issuing banks charge... More>>

7 Essential Ways to Become Financially Independent

If you are trying to save money to get out of the grind, you likely have one goal: financial independence. We used to focus on retirement in the past, but that’s starting to change. We want to be financially free now... More>>

Need a Loan? You’re Not Alone: 10 Essential Tips On Getting Long Term Loans With Bad Credit

A bad credit score poses some challenges in you getting a loan. However, there are actions that you can take so as to improve your financial situation. If you’re wondering how to secure long term loans with bad... More>>

What is a Credit Card Processing Interchange?

Originally posted on Data for this article is based on this article by Ben Dwyer: More>>

Plan to Live a Legacy, Not Leave One

Originally posted on A common theme we see while working on financial planning with families is the desire to leave a legacy. How that legacy is defined... More>>

Be on the Lookout for These 2019 Tax Scams

Originally posted on Tax season is upon us, and with the number and types of tax scams continuing to increase, it is important to be knowledgeable... More>>

STO vs ICO: Will Security Token Offerings Replace Initial Coin Offerings

Originally posted on STOs are the hot topic of the crypto-community at a time when the statistical fallout of ICO risk can be a serious roadblock between investors and legitimate... More>>

The Best American Cities to Work in Tech in 2019

Tech jobs are in high demand across the country. The positions pay well, the companies often offer great benefits and your work helps to create products and services that run the world. While you might think that you have... More>>

Cities Where Renters Can Afford to Live Alone – 2019 Edition

Lots of young people need to find a roommate to help pay their rent, but many of them dream of being able to locate an affordable home that is just theirs and that allows them to sock away more money in … Continue... More>>

5 Smart Ways All Entrepreneurs Can Plan For A Profitable Future

Originally posted on   At a time when more than half of all new businesses fail within their first few years,... More>>

5 Signs You’ve Built a Business That’s Ready for Buyers (and a Bidding War)

Originally posted on Are you considering selling your business? These five signs indicate that you’re ready to take that leap. While some entrepreneurs are content to stick... More>>

New Home Owners: These Must-Try Tips Will Save You Time and Money

Originally posted on   Are you planning on moving into a new home sometime in the near future? Before you do, you might need... More>>

Which Home Loan Type Is Right for You? Portland Mortgage Brokers Break down 3 Common Loan Types

Originally posted on   If you’re in the early stages of the home buying process, you... More>>

The Basics and Benefits of Refinancing

Originally posted on   If you’re a homeowner with a mortgage, there is a likely chance that you will refinance your home at least once... More>>

Why Payday Loans Aren’t Just for the Employed

Originally posted on The unemployment rate in the United States is 4.7 percent. While that may not sound like much, this percentage is made up of more... More>>

3 Ways Small Business Loans Can Save You From Bankruptcy

Originally posted on A lack of finances is a common thing among start-ups and small businesses but it’s certainly not one that you... More>>

Tips for Negotiating the Best Interest Rate on Your Online Loans

Originally posted on If 51% of people are banking online, then applying for a personal loan online makes sense, doesn’t it?... More>>

5 Reasons to Consider Alternatives to Payday Loans No Credit Check

Originally posted on Do you need fast cash? Everyone endures emergency situations, and oftentimes they can be expensive. If you don’t have a... More>>

How Do Online Loans for Poor Credit Work?

Originally posted on More than 30 percent of Americans have bad or poor credit, which is generally any score lower than 601. More>>

Installment Loans for Bad Credit Consumers: Are They Right for You?

Originally posted on Eight in 10 Americans have debt. That’s a fact of life now in the country and while it’s not always a bad thing, some people... More>>

Requesting Student Loans with No Credit – What You Need to Know

Originally posted on College is expensive and paying for it on your own is a good way to burn out before you graduate. More>>

How to Avoid Bad Debt Loans and Make Better Financial Decisions

Originally posted on Right now, Americans have over a trillion dollars in credit card debt. That’s the highest level ever seen in U.S.... More>>

How to Get Student Loans for Adults

Originally posted on Are you concerned that there aren’t student loans for adults? More>>

What to Consider Before Getting an Online Cash Advance

Originally posted on Have you found yourself strapped for cash due to an unforeseen emergency? Do you feel like you just can’t seem to get caught up on... More>>

What to Look for in the Best Peer to Peer Loans

Originally posted on The world of finance is an extremely large and diverse network. But just because there are so many lenders available doesn’t mean that you have... More>>

5 Best Rewards Cards to Have in 2018

Originally posted on If you’re searching for the best credit cards to have in 2018, you’re in the right place. More>>

How to Get Student Loans Without Cosigner Help

Originally posted on Going to college is a stressful time. More>>

5 Pro Tips for Securing Alternatives to Online Loans No Credit Check

Originally posted on When you have bad credit but need money quickly, where do you turn? More>>

5 Tips for Getting a Quick Personal Loan When You Need It Most

Originally posted on There are many reasons you may need a quick loan. From unforeseen medical expenses to an emergency home repair,... More>>

Safety and Efficiency: A User’s Guide to Applying for Online Loans

Originally posted on In 2017, online lenders accounted for 36 percent of all personal loans. This number rose from 1 percent back... More>>

How Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit Help in Everyday Life

Originally posted on There are times when a personal loan online can help you manage a difficult situation. But what if you have bad credit? More>>

Which Types of Credit Cards Work for You?

Originally posted on Did you know that 7 out of 10 American have and use credit cards? More>>

5 Things to Know Before Requesting a Loan with Bad Credit

Originally posted on Are you in a financial rut but can’t get a good loan? Is bad credit history stopping you from approaching the bank or credit union? More>>

How to Find Easy Approval Credit Cards

Originally posted on Nothing feels worse than having bad credit. But what if you could start rebuilding your credit today? More>>

5 Answers to the Most Common Personal Auto Insurance Questions

Originally posted on Buying a car comes along with a strong sense of personal achievement and satisfaction. However, as soon as you drive off... More>>

Low Income Car Insurance: How to Find Affordable Rates

Originally posted on So you have a car and you fully understand the importance of car insurance — but that doesn’t change that there’s no room in... More>>

5 Things You Need to Know About Getting Approved for Loans Other Than Online Loans with No Credit Check

Originally posted on Every year in the United States, about 12 million people take out short-term loans,... More>>

How to Use Online Loans No Credit Check for Your Next Vacation

Originally posted on Is your credit history standing between you and your next vacation? If so, considering exploring online loans... More>>

Why Loans with No Credit Check Are Perfect for Buying a Car

Originally posted on Some US cities may be interrupting the car industry with increases in ride sharing. But, many of us still need our... More>>

5 Ways to Tell If Your Alternative to Payday Loans with No Credit Check Are Secure

Originally posted on Credit card fraud and identity theft are on the rise. In 2017, more than 16.7 million Americans became... More>>

A Comprehensive Guide to Options Besides Loans with No Credit Check for Students

Originally posted on Students are in a rut. They spend long hours studying in college to create a better future. These long hours... More>>

10 Strategies to Maximize Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits, when combined with savings from a 401(k) and individual retirement account, can help you retire the way you want. Of course, not everyone earns the same amount from Uncle Sam. A Social Security... More>>

Micron Stock Prediction

Originally posted on Micron Technology stock price has been on the run in the last few years. But in spite of gains in recent years, the first three months of... More>>

Shockwave Medical Stock Prediction

Originally posted on Since its IPO in March, Shockwave Medical [NASDAQ: SWAV] stock has seen its prices soar by over 200% in just a matter of months. ... More>>

Box Stock Price Prediction

Originally posted on Box shares have been far from spectacular over the last quarter. In February 2019, prices for the content management specialist slumped by... More>>

What Are The Best Shipping Stocks To Buy?

Originally posted on More>>

Momo Stock Price Prediction

Originally posted on More>>

7 Key Reasons Why it’s Time to File for Bankruptcy

Did you know that California is the state with the highest number of bankruptcies? After all, more than 240,000 people filed for bankruptcy within the span of a year. Florida follows at 94,000 each in an annual basis. One... More>>

Top 3 Best Unsecured Credit Cards

The national average for credit scores sits under 700. That’s still considered “fair” on the Vantage Score 3.0 scale. For those who either don’t know what their score is or want to rebuild it,... More>>

Is My Car Insured Enough? Here’s How Much Coverage You Really Need

Originally posted on Having car insurance is essential to being a responsible, legal driver. It offers financial protection in the event of a... More>>

First Time Car Insurance Shopper? Here’s What You Need to Know

Originally posted on Are you a first time car insurance shopper? Don’t fret. More>>

Blindsided by Unexpected Medical Bills? Here’s How Loans with No Credit Check Can’t Help

Originally posted on About one in 10 Americans delay medical care simply because they cannot afford it.... More>>

Can I Sue Amazon? Amazon’s Forced Arbitration Clause

Originally posted on We represent a number of clients who either sell their products on Amazon or who have dealt with or are... More>>

A Brief Overview of 5 Important Types of Cryptocurrency (That Aren’t Bitcoin)

Originally posted on If you’ve ever talked to a friend or family member about cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard... More>>

What’s the Maximum Amount You Can Borrow Using Payday Loans with No Credit Check?

Originally posted on Each year, more than 12 million Americans turn to payday loans to help them make ends meet.... More>>

What’s the Difference Between Cash Advances and Payday Loans with No Credit Check?

Originally posted on 40% of the American population doesn’t have enough money in their savings account to cover a... More>>

SEP IRA vs. Solo 401(k): Which is Better?

SEP IRAs and solo 401(k)s are tax-deferred retirement savings vehicles for small business owners. They’re similar to each other but with one big difference. With a solo 401(k), a self-employed business owner can make... More>>

How Direct IRA Transfers Work

If you want to move your individual retirement account (IRA) balance from one provider to another, simply call the current provider and request a “trustee-to-trustee” transfer. This moves money directly from one financial... More>>

Should You Use Your Roth IRA to Buy Your First Home?

The IRS allows you to withdraw contributions from your Roth IRA penalty-free to buy your first home, plus up to $10,000 of earnings. But most financial advisors would recommend tapping into your retirement savings only as... More>>

Can You Have a 401(k) and an IRA?

You can have a 401(k) plan and an individual retirement account (IRA) at the same time. In fact, you can contribute up to the annual limit to each account, thereby maximizing your retirement savings. However, your ability... More>>

How Do House Auctions Work?

House auctions generally involve the sale of foreclosed homes at possibly below market value. They can serve as a low-cost gateway to homeownership. But home auctions also involve plenty of risk. Many times, you won’t... More>>

How Much Do I Need for an Interest-Only Retirement?

For an interest-only retirement, you’ll need to have a large nest egg. How big a nest egg depends on your target income and the interest rate. For example, an annual income of $48,000 would require a nest egg of $1.6... More>>

10 Safe Investments to Protect Your Money

All safe investments come with a catch. They, alone, will never make you Bezos billions. They can, however, earn a little while serving another purpose such as being fairly liquid or balancing a portfolio. This roundup of... More>>

Need to Borrow Money? The Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Same Day Loan

Originally posted on What if you ended up to your eyeballs in debt, all because you didn’t understand what you were getting into? More>>

Modern Wealth Survey

You've set up a spending plan – but your plan didn't consider the fun events that you see on your social media feeds. You can't afford to go to all of them, yet you can't afford not to thanks to the fear of... More>>

  • MoneyTipsMore>>

  • Survey: Nearly 2 In 3 Have Lost Or Had Stolen Their Wallet

    Survey: Nearly 2 In 3 Have Lost Or Had Stolen Their Wallet

    Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you reach in your pants or purse for your wallet, and it's gone? You're not alone. According to an exclusive MoneyTips survey, 62% of respondents have had...More >>
    Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you reach in your pants or purse for your wallet, and it's gone? You're not alone. According to an exclusive MoneyTips survey, 62% of respondents have had their...More >>
  • Best States to Die In... For Taxes

    Best States to Die In... For Taxes

    Does your ability to pass on your wealth to your heirs depend on where you live ... and die? Indeed, it does. Federal estate taxes apply no matter where you live within the U.S., but eighteen states subject their...More >>
    Does your ability to pass on your wealth to your heirs depend on where you live ... and die? Indeed, it does. Federal estate taxes apply no matter where you live within the U.S., but eighteen states subject their citizens to...More >>
  • Proposed Law Stops Auto Insurers Using Credit Scores To Set Rates

    Proposed Law Stops Auto Insurers Using Credit Scores To Set Rates

    Another Use for Your Credit Score You probably know that your credit score affects the interest rates you'll pay for credit cards and loans. Did you know that your credit score could also affect your auto...More >>
    Another Use for Your Credit Score You probably know that your credit score affects the interest rates you'll pay for credit cards and loans. Did you know that your credit score could also affect your auto insurance...More >>
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